Is there a smartapp that works with smart home monitor to dismiss alerts?

Does anyone know if there is a way to dismiss intrusion events/alerts using a smartapp?

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As far as I know, SmartThings has deliberately not released an API for Community SmartApps to dismiss or otherwise manage SHM Notifications. This is because SmartThings monetizes SHM via selling add-on services like Scout Monitoring, and only provides the necessary APIs to those paying partners.

Awesome, thanks for the reply. I am considering trying out the scout service and am looking for a method to minimize false alarm events. If anyone has any recommendations on doing so I would be very grateful to hear them.

That and figure out how to delay the siren event … but from my research there is no such setting or method to do so.

Assuming your false alarms are from motion - try this

You can do a delay with webCore - For example - if you still wanted to use SHM - just select alert with lights - use a virtual switch - then use webCore to fire a delayed siren if that virtual switch goes on. You could also have a routine or webcore turn off that virtual switch cancelling the delayed siren when you “stop” the impending false alarm

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Now that ActionTiles has a PIN Protected Tile(s) Feature, it can be a true “traditional” Arm/Disarm control Panel… except that without entry/exit delays, there’s no way to get to an internally mounted ActionTiles tablet. So… @greg’s solution is the missing piece of the puzzle.

We can, of course, add a exit grace period at the front-end (by delaying the Arm activation) really easily. Doesn’t help at all with re-entry grace delay requirement though.

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Is Core = WebCore or are they separate smartapps?

Also @greg
My false alarms are currently generated by timing issue’s really. Though there was one with motion not to long ago so I’ll have to look into what you suggest. Thanks

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CoRE=Generation 1 all app based very powerful
webCoRE=Generation 2 web browser capable and very VERY VERY Powerful

Same concepts. Same creator. Same support from this awesome community!


Ive installed CoRE and it seems to do mostly everything so far I’ve thrown at it. Ill have to see about the webCoRE smartapp. Now to just go hunt down how to install it… Im guessing it can be installed using the github integration like many of the other apps?

Found it :slight_smile: , should I remove CoRE first before webCoRE?

You don’t have to. They are totally independent of one another.

I still find myself using CoRE a lot. I also use Smart Lighting for the simple stuff.

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Greg’s solution to alarm activation sounds brilliant but… Is it the case that entering through the front door is still an activation, even though the siren doesn’t sound immediately?
This would be a problem for me because it would always trigger an alert along with CCTV camera recording each time we return home.

Don’t make me blush :smile: How about this? Instead of using the door’s contact in SHM. Use a virtual switch with a delay. So front door opens - start a cancelable timer that would “open” a virtual contact triggering SHM and your cameras and alerts. use mike maxwell’s uDTH to have the virtual switch to be used as a contact sensor in SHM. Of course the compromise is that you lose local execution for SHM - but you probably already don’t have local execution unless all your devices DTH are official

One neat thing about this is you can leave all your other contacts in SHM as normal - just switch up your entrance door to act like this. Assuming you don’t have/use a motion sensor between the entrance and whatever device you are using to disarm. :wink:


So far I essentially did a very similar thing to what you mention @greg Used a sim sensor that triggers SMH on a delay. Though I dont have a canceling action. I simply disable SMH prior to the wait trigger on the piston that fires the open/close of the simulated sensor. The only thing I have noticed with my setup is that if you open/close the contact sensor’s that the piston monitors to fire the sensor to trigger SMH and then arm the system prior to the wait time you can run into a condition that the system arms and then the open/close of the sim sensor happens triggering SMH … it’s not really that big a deal for me but might be something I could work through at some point.

When I looked into uDTH, I couldn’t get uDTH to work. Is it still being updated?

I’m using it and it worked for me last time I tested it. What are you seeing? You could also try posting in the uDTH thread.

Maybe I found an old post about it or something but when I tried to install it last night it threw some errors installing. Didnt look to deep into it.