Looking to Disarm ST Home Monitor but 1 motion sensor still active with notificationx

I have a Samsung ST hub, with Google Home, and 3 Zooz 4-in-1 sensors. I am trying to monitor a specific room that no one should be entering when I am not home (In addition, to monitoring for intruders when no one is home). I have 2 sensors pointing at common areas and I would like to disable 2 of the 3 sensors disarmed and non reporting when any one is in the home. I would like the 3rd sensor to be able to be active and monitor when anyone enters the prohibited room. I would also like to shut off the sensor (individually monitored room) when I am home, or when I would like to allow guests access to the room without notifications. I am brand new to ST and please forgive me for not being familiar with how to search this forum efficiently to find a solution to this if one has been posted.

Have you checked out the ST support page for SHM?

You can accomplish what you’re describing. You need to setup SHM so that “armed (stay)” state monitors only that one motion sensor. “Armed (away)” state can be set to monitor all your motion sensors. Then when you’re home (or whenever you decide) you can disarm SHM so that none of the motion sensors will be monitored.


Easy enough to do with webCoRE or just one of the Smart Apps in the Market Place such as Smart Lighting.

In your case, I would just set up notification events for the sensors you want to monitor outside of SHM.

If Motion 1 changes to Active
Then Send Push Notification or SMS…

SHM has two options for monitoring-Home and Away

During Home, you can specify which sensors are active and the same as Away.

You could also create Virtual Motions and place restrictions on them to never be Active when you set up the parameters in webCoRE.

Such as:
Restriction (Only when Presence Sensor is Away)
If real Motion 1 changes to Active
Then using Virtual Motion
Can specify a wait time before (Active)
Set to Active

If real Motion 1 changes to Inactive
Then using Virtual Motion (Inactive)

Now use the Virtual Motion as the motion sensor in SHM

If you are new to ST then I would suggest learning webCoRE as it satisfies all of your rule engine needs once you get the hang of it.

Intro to webCoRE:

Install Custom Code:

Create Virtual Switches:


webCoRE Examples:

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Why not just use the built-in features of SHM? It seems that would do exactly what the OP is asking, unless I misunderstood. “Easy” is a relative term.

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Thank you to all who took time to answer me. I actually like that different options have been presented. I will take the easiest road to get this accomplished, but I will keep trying until I am able to learn the basics of webCoRE. I don’t do basic (usually)!

With this option, I only see 3 Smart Home Monitor settings. ARMED (AWAY), ARMED (HOME), and DISARMED.
I don’t see the option to add a 4th option (which would have made this as simple as making the 4-in-1 sensor a separate alarm to simply arm and disarm) to have an option which would be ARMED (STAY). Thanks for the quick response.

Then I guess I am missing something, because I’m reading the OP again and I still keep coming up with the following:

There are basically two zones, zone 1 has two motion sensors and zone 2 has one motion sensor. Zone 2 is the room that is considered off-limits except when the OP wants to allow access to it.

When no one is home, arm away to get alerts when any motion sensor is tripped, zone 1 or zone 2.

When someone is home but the off-limits room of zone 2 is still considered off-limits, arm stay to get alerts when only the motion sensor in zone 2 is tripped.

When the OP is home or otherwise wants to allow access to zone 2, disarm SHM.

What have I missed?

I am missing the option to alarm what ST might consider a 2nd security ‘system’.
I am missing the option to Arm and Disarm a 2nd zone independently.

I see. Still not really clear on how the two alarm states don’t meet the OP’s needs based on the description in the first post. So I must still be missing something.

Perhaps the issue is the OP wants SHM alerts with lights, sirens etc. when all motion sensors are armed, but a different notification when only the motion sensor in the off-limits room is armed. In that case, a custom alert in SHM (not security) could be used to monitor the single motion sensor (with a simple push, SMS, etc notification) when the SHM security armed state is disarmed.

Without any further clarification from the OP, I’m just guessing at this point, and perhaps not being very helpful.

Good luck!


Well, there it is! Yeah, I see now what you are saying. I never knew that option was there. You are absolutely correct. With the custom notification, you can setup SHM just like the OP is requesting.

Thanks for your persistence. Sometimes you can’t see the Forrest because of the Trees…:rofl:

Hi @ChiWestSider,

Here is the quick solution:
Using SHM:

  1. Setup SHM to monitor all the motion sensors in the house when armed.
  2. In SHM there is an option to setup a custom monitoring. In that section, you can setup a custom monitor for the restricted room and it will be monitored when the house is Disarmed.
    -Custom->New monitoring rule->What kind of device do you want to use?->Motion Sensor->“Baby Room”->Done->"+ More Options->Only when mode is->“Home, Stay, Night, etc.,”

This is the easyiest way for you.
But as I and a lot of other people don’t trust SHM with its bugs, you can use a more reliable way of CoRe/WebCoRe.
You can also use a new creation by @SBDOBRESCU. He created the RemindR community app which can also send Push/SMS notifications based upon Triggered events and can also integrate with VLCThings for audio Alerts when your room is Invaidid by unwanted person(s). I.e., kids in the tool closet or dad’s laptop room.


I think the idea of a push notification tied to that sensor will cover my needs. I think that will be the most efficient solution.

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You knew exactly what I was saying and trying to do. I am only 3 days into ST and wasn’t understanding custom. You summed up what I was attempting better than I did, lol. The first thing I did after a few responses was to begin the tutorial on WebCore. Which caused me to open a GITHub account. Which caused me to learn how to use GitHub… WHEW!!! Thanks for your help

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thank you for writing it out for me step by step. This was getting overwhelming in the different directions I’m getting pulled just to learn 1 command.


LMAO!!! I know right?!

Still good stuff to learn. You will be glad you did as you start to add more and more devices. However, I agree with @marktheknife, KISS (Keep It Stupid Simple) as much as you can.