Orphaned lighting automation

I have an automation schedule on one of my lights that I can no longer find in either the old or new SmartThings apps, so I cannot modify or delete it. Is there any way of modifying or deleting the automation? I can see the event triggered via the SmartThings IDE, but that is about it.

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Any ideas or advice? Perhaps remove (exclude) and then add the device again?


Correct. Removing the device will also remove it from the Automation.

Thanks JKP, I’ll give that a go.

@jkp, @Philip_Street1 - One person had issues with a SmartThings wifi plug before. It was removed and added again, but the device was still triggered. If you will see it still happening after removing and adding back, then you need someone from ST who would remove the “ghost” automation.
By the way, I’ve thought that the “ghost” automations issues has been resolved weeks/months ago. There were plenty reports about them some time ago.

@GSzabados Thanks, I’ll get onto ST if the remove/add does not fix it.

Let us know, we know who to tag, and might can help from ST. :wink:

Presumably, I should remove/exclude the device using the old app but then add it using the new app?

That’s what I meant.

What device is it? ZWAVE? Try to remove it from the new app and after check that has it been removed from the old app and IDE.
You might be able to prove another bug. :wink:

That was one reported occasion. It might have been fixed since. You never know with the new app. UX bugs are happening every other day.

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Two z-wave devices, Fibaro Dimmer 1 & Fibaro FGS-222 Double Relay.

OK, I’ll give that a go later when I get home.

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You might can prove another bug, what has been reported by a community member 3 days ago.

Apologies for the late reply, but I never got round to updating.

I was unable to remove the device using the usual exclusion method. It’s a Fibaro Relay Switch (v1), so the inclusion/exclusion method is to trip the switch quickly 3 times but that doesn’t work consistently. When I was including those devices I had to press the light-switch at least 5 times quickly, but that didn’t work either when trying to exclude. The only other thing to try is remove the light-switch face-plate and use the B switch on the device, but it’s not ideal.

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