Ghost Automations

Ok I have a real head scratcher on my hands. So to set up the scenario. I have 2 automations that run only in specific modes. But for some reason they are being activated no matter what mode I’m in. I tested newly created automations with my modes and they work fine, now for the head scratcher. I feared I just programed it wrong so for the specific devices I got ride of all automations or connections to third party apps such as stringify and actiontiles and the automations are still running. No matter what I do except delete the device, the automation runs.

My thought is this started to happen when Samsung smart things had the issue of moving the devices to a new location what 2 months ago and using the new smartthings app. I fully moved and integrated all devices to the new location and had Samsung delete the old location. I stopped using the new smartthings app and made sure all automations and scenes are deleted in the new app so only the classic app is controlling things. Still the old automations are still running.

I’m at a lose, my next step would be to delete the device and re add it but I dont know if that will work. Does anyone have any ideas?

This is worth a try.

But, in general, what you are experiencing isn’t entirely unusual. I don’t know the explanations, but have read plenty of similar stories.

Be sure to contact SmartThings Support (phone is best).

I think that @Brad_ST has chimed in on perhaps a few of the similar cases too.

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