Automations disappeared but still applying rule

A few days ago I created two automations based on change Location mode, Example: if Location Mode change to Night, then run scene and send push notification. This works fine for a week, but one day, when running automation, about 20 push notification were sent, as if a loop was being generated, then when I wanted to edit or delete it, these settings disappeared from my automations page, but the rules I created are still applying. How can I get these to show up again in my automations page so I can make changes or delete the rules?

I think the best course of action for you is to contact support. or , depends what country you are from.

Otherwise, you can try to clear the app’s cache, delete the app and add the app again to your phone. The rule might would show up, but I think that you have hit some a situation with a Ghost Automation.

Thank you GSzabados, I tried cleaning the App’s cache, and delete the app and add again, but the issue persist.
I already contacted support, I hope they can solve my problem.

Hi friends, I think I’ve solved the issue, I delete Smart Home Monitor and all the Automations that include change on SHM and location mode, then add SHM and created automations again; all using the New Smartthigs APP. So far everything is ok, the “Ghost Automation” haven’t been activated again, I hope it stays that way. I will be reporting you any news.

PDT: I still have no answer from smartthings support