Deadbolt/Deadlock on Z-Wave (EU frequency) available in the UK?

I’m looking to buy a Z-wave smart deadbolt lock with keypad - no need for handle, for my entrance door, but can’t seem to find any.

I can only find smart nightlatches on sale for the UK, like

  • deadbolt : enters the frame -> very secure
  • nightlatch : enters an extra metallic part, screwed to the frame -> not secure

Yale UK used to sell smart deadbolts, models YRD120 / YRD220 / YRD240 / T1L, but stopped all their smart deadbolts now.

Any idea of what I could do ?

Do you need a keypad? The Danalock in the Z wave model just fits over the inside turn bolt, there’s no exterior hardware, and it is sold on the European frequency, although the reviews aren’t great. But the reviews do seem to have improved for the newest model. It’s using whatever lock hardware you already have, just adding a bolt turner on the inside of the door.

Also, Vision makes a couple of keypad styles on the European Z wave frequency that will replace a conventional in frame deadbolt. The styling is a little dated, though. Check with Vesternet to make sure it’s the type you’re looking for.

thanks @JDRoberts for your reply !
Yes I need a keypad, in order to go ‘keyless’.
I would either use a fob or type a code on the keypad to get in.
I don’t think I need bluetooth as I don’t want to get my phone out to get in the house.

I’ve actually got in touch with Vesternet via their chat earlier today, and they’ve told me about the Danalock V3, which doesn’t have a keypad :-1: , and got a lot of worrying reviews on Amazon UK :sweat:

About the Vision, it seems to be out-of-stock on Vesternet but available for £55 on Amazon UK … with just 1 review saying that it doesn’t work :laughing:

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If you want z wave and willing to jump a hoop you can try this. But a YRD240 from Amazon and buy a Europe zwave module from

@RBoy yes ! I think that I could buy the YRD256 (released in 2017) from the USA (as it’s not sold in the UK),
then add the Z-Wave Module 2 from the UK …?


It seems that the YRD256 is a newer version of the YRD240, from my hours of research on the subject :flushed:

That’s my thought, never tried it. Just check the form factor of the z-wave module and see if they match.

Also don’t know if using a US lock will be compliant with UK regulations/insurance requirements

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It’s not just the form factor. When the assure first came out it was Z wave plus and the older units or not. A couple of people bought the module for the new assure and tried to use it in the older Yale locks and it would fit physically but it didn’t work. The Yale website also had a note at that time that the module would not work with other lock models.

I don’t know if there’s an issue going the other direction, the individual modules you can buy now are for the newer models, but I just thought I would mention it.


@RBoy @JDRoberts yes picking the correct module is very important,
I’ve seen on that the YRD256 (2017) is using the Z-wave PLUS module aka Yale Z-wave module V2

If I’d pick the YRD240 (2014) then I’m not sure if the Z-Wave-plus-V2 would work, I think that it’s only supporting the module Z-Wave-V1

Yes that’s an issue, UK insurances want BS3621 which requires… a key !

So I’ll remove my nightlatch (insecure) and replace it by the smart keyless deadbolt, I’ll just need to do a bit of drilling in the door/frame to set it up.

I’ll leave the existing “traditional” deadbolt on the lower part of the door, for insurance purpose. I’ll probably just lock this non-smart deadbolt if I’m away for a few days, but not for day-to-day activities.

Thinking out aloud, Z-Wave vs Z-Wave plus - these are differences between the Z-Wave interface to the mesh/hub.

So from internal facing point of view, it’s communicating with the lock to actuate the motors/electronics, get status from the sensors etc - none of which have any dependency on the Z-Wave communications.

So “technically” if the lock is designed well, you should be able to plugin in a Z-Wave plus module and “upgrade” your lock to Z-Wave plus (assuming the form factor matches).

That’s making a very large assumption. The lock has its own firmware and its own security protocol: the fact that you could plug a different radio module into it doesn’t mean that that firmware is going to accept that module As authorized. As was demonstrated when people tried to use the assure zwave plus module in the older model locks. Just from a zwave standpoint it shouldn’t have been a problem, But the manufacturer can definitely put whatever restrictions on it they want, even if the module is in the same physical case.

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True it’s a big assumption, if someone has a newer Z-Wave plus module and an older lock say a YRD240 they could plug it in and try it out (at your own risk). If it works, it could be a nice way to upgrade your lock to Z-Wave plus (infact if I were Yale, that would be a big selling point for me allow folks to upgrade their lock)

Multiple people have tried that, no one got it to work and Yale support said it wouldn’t.

From the Yale product page for the module:

This module is compatible with these deadbolts and lever locks: YRD216, YRD226, YRD246, YRD256, YRD416, YRD426, YRD446, NTB620 and NTB610

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@RBoy @JDRoberts the 2017 locks are using a Z-wave-plus module, and 2014 locks are using a Z-wave module, from my understanding.

In my case I was interested by the YRD240 (2014) and the YRD256 (2017).

So I tried to find out via Yale itself if the YRD256 (sold in the USA) was compatible with the Z-Wave-Plus European module… YaleUK

The UK module will not fit the US lock, and the US modules will not work in the UK the frequency is not recognized in the UK.
This is not a UK product, the security features and standards differ in the US to the UK.
This is not tested to British standards, therefore we can not offer support on this product please get in touch with Yale US Yale_Support

Thank you for your enquiry. We cant guarantee this would be compatible, as this is an American lock, their locks and standards are different to here in the UK.
Sorry we couldn’t help any further

Yale USA Customer support (on the phone)

We don’t know if it will work - call the UK

Yale UK Customer support (on the phone)

The YRD256 will work with the European Z-Wave-Plus module

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Great post to start the day!

Yale is super confusing ! :tired_face:
But I’ll still give it a try in 2-3 weeks, ordering the lock from the USA and the module from the UK.

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Nice, keep us posted…

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Did it work?

I’d also be interested to know if this works. I’m also looking for a deadbolt that works in the UK, as my doors have chubb deadlocks at the moment

I still haven’t finished to install a Yale smart nightlatch on my garden door, then when finished I will order the smart deadbolt from the US with the UK Z-wave module.
Then I’ll give you some feedback :slight_smile:

Looking at the pictures it looks to me that the US and UK modules are differently shaped, so I doubt it is possible even when removing the casing because the pins seem to be at a different location on the board.
So it looks to me that the only option is getting the US zigbee module. As far as I know, it is using the same frequency everywhere. Unfortunately I haven’t yet found a online shop that sells it and ships worldwide.