New Yale Z-Wave Deadbolts

Yale Locks just announced their latest Z-Wave locks. I plan on picking one up as soon as I can figure out where and when they will become available for purchase.

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Yale Real Living Key Free Push Button B1L and Key Free Touchscreen T1L Deadbolts

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Hey! Finally an entirely modern looking design!

Meh, a little epoxy will make any of them keyless :slight_smile:

Saw these today. I’m in the market for locks and these look pretty cool.

How are they different from “old” Yale real living locks I have at home? Don’t have a key cylinder? What happens of the battery dies when the door is locked?

The previous model (YRD240) also did not have a key cylinder. As far as I’m aware the only difference with the new model is that it’s a slightly more compact size. Regarding battery backup, the two metal protrusions you can see at the bottom of the device are terminals to connect a 9-volt battery.

I’m still waiting for an ideal smart doorlock to use with ST. I have not used any model yet but my thought experiment tells me I that redundancy would be very important for doorlocks and I don’t feel confident about relying on z-wave only solution, which relies on ST hub-internet-cloud-mobile presence. Too many chains and links that could either break or cause latency that would make the old fashioned way of getting the key out of pocket and opening the door a preferred method. Perhaps that’s why these z-wave doorlocks look more like an interim system that augments traditional lock with some connectivity, rather than putting connectivity and automation as a first solution.

I would want a doorlock with bluetooth LE for direct phone-door interaction plus either zwave of wifi for remote control and monitoring.
I hope Lockitron would come around and start to deliver their promises already, or August and Kiwi to add support for z-wave/zigbee control. Please, somebody! :wink:

Yale has been working on adding NFC (just tap your phone) capabilities to their locks for a while now, and last I heard they were predicting a Q2 2014 time frame for availability - but I wouldn’t hold my breath. To address your concern on redundancy - The current locks already have two authentication methods: Z-Wave and the numeric keypad. Personally I’d love to have NFC instead of the numeric keypad - but they’ll probably keep the keypad around for a while.

@borism and @defcon - I love my first gen Yale locks, but really regret getting them with a cylinder. (Though @Corys points out the easy fix). The redundancy issue is addressed two different ways. @TomS points out the fact that if the battery fails there is a terminal for external power to be applied right on the lock. Also he mentions the keypad, which is in addition to the z-wave locking/unlocking capabilities. Lastly – I have two of these: one on the front door and one on the back. We use the back most often for egress, so the batteries for that lock are the most used. The odds of both locks running out of battery or failing simultaneously are astronomically low, and have a fix as long as you are carrying a 9v battery. I do not have any latency issues or reporting issues with ST (anymore). The only other thing I wish I had was a report of when the lock was manually unlocked from the inside. But the open/closed door sensor basically handles that…

I would like to see ST implement the ability to manage the list of PINs that work on the lock like MCV does. I just received my lock and installed it only to realize I still needed to go through the incredibly annoying audio menu on the lock to program PIN codes. I’d also like to be able to have certain PINs only work on certain days and at certain times. Other than this issue, albeit a pretty major one, I love the lock and have had no problems locking/unlocking with ST.

Just FYI - These locks have finally appeared on Yale’s website and appear to be available for purchase.

I would agree that the ability to manage the PINs is very important. I currently have a Revolv that performs this function for me, but with Revolv going away, I’m looking for a good alternative and I was hoping ST would be it. I can’t make the switch, however, until this function is implemented, since I use the Revolv + Yale lock for managing access to a rental property.

I also agree that begin/end dates for codes would be a very useful feature, since in almost every case when I want to create a code, it is temporary for a service person or for rental use.

Where is the best way or place to submit development requests and/or check on the status of a development initiative? Thanks all