Is there a market for "new" Zigbee modules (Yale YRD210-HA)

I have no idea where to post a question like this but this section of the forum seemed like the best fit.

In a nutshell, I’m wanting to install Z-Wave Plus locks in my house but it looks like the only thing available as of 04.25.17 is the Yale Assure Lock Z-Wave Plus Network Module (Model# AYR202-ZWV-USA).

MyDigitalDiscount is currently having a sale where I could pick up 5 Yale Real Living Keyless Push Button Deadbolt Lock with ZigBee Wireless - Satin Nickel - YRD210-HA-619 smart locks @ $81.25 a piece. I was thinking I could purchase those as well as 5 of the Z-wave Plus Modules (@ $75 each) and then sell the 5 unused Zigbee Modules at a great discount.

Is there a potential market for a few unused Yale Real Living Zigbee Modules?

The Yale Modules are interchangeable so I was hoping that there would be people in the ST Community that would have a need for some unused Zigbee modules?

…Sound plan or should I just wait for Z-Wave Plus locks to hit the market.

This isn’t necessarily true. The modules work with specific models and revisions of locks. You can’t necessarily drop in any module to any similarly branded lock and expect it to work. This is a challenge for us internally as we have ~100 locks that we’re managing for testing.

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Thanks for the reply!

From the Yale Zigbee Module Product Page:

Factory Part Number: AYR200-ZB-HA

  • ZigBee Network Module to be used with Yale Real Living Locks

  • Compatible with YRD210, 220 and YRL210, 220. This module is NOT compatible with Assure locks.

So if someone were to purchase the Yale YRD210-NR-619, they could use the Zigbee AYR200-ZB-HA Modules.

It would almost be wiser for me to pick up the $95.16 YRD210-NR-619 (non-connected) locks, purchase the $75 Z-Wave Plus Modules, put them together and be done with it.


Never mind. The Yale Z-Wave Plus Module only works with the following:

  • YRD446, YRD216, YRD226, YRD246, NTB620, NTB610

Hi do you still have the zigbee modules as i am interested in buying two??

Many thanks,

I know this is a long shot, but if you have any zigbee modules still available, I would be interested in one. I would purchase or I have a Z-Wave module to trade.