Deadbolt only or handle lock

(Chris Freeman) #1

How are people using their locks w/ ST? I want a deadbolt but it seems like you don’t get a deadbolt and handle pair. Am I just missing something? Are people using a lockless handle?

(Edward Pope) #2

If you need a deadbolt lock that is Z-wave compatible, I think KwickSet (SP) has a lock that is built that way.

(Brian Smith) #3

We just have the Kwikset handles on our doors, no deadbolts. Not really needed in our area. I would think that some of the major manufacturer deadbolts would match other handles available from them, they just might not come in a pair. I haven’t looked, though, and I am basically speaking out my a$$ on this one! :smile:

(Edward Pope) #4

@screwworkn do you have just one lock on your doors? I have a handle and a deadbolt style lock on our exterior doors

(Chris Freeman) #5

@theedpope Do you have both a deadbolt lock and a handle lock? ST will unlock both at the same time? Which model do you have?

(Chrisb) #6

I just have a handle/lever with a lock in it… no deadbolt.

You could also get a Z-wave handle/lever AND a z-wave deadbolt. They would be two different devices, but it wouldn’t be hard to set them both up to unlock under the same conditions.

Although… space might be an issue. While the “outside” part of these devices usually aren’t that much bigger than standard lock, the inside part is quite a bit bigger, so you probably can’t have a z-wave lever lock and a z-wave deadbolt the “standard” distance apart on a door.

(Michael Backs) #7

Correct, space is usually an issue.

I had a Kwickset electronic handle and a regular deadbolt in a prior house, had to swap the deadbolt and handle positions because the inside of the handle was too large to have the deadbolt above it.

I currently have the Yale Keyless Zwave deadbolt, it works with Smartthings, but only to lock or unlock and polling of it’s status, no management of the codes. Additionally, it’s just a deadbolt, the handle below it is just a latch for the door. And there isn’t enough room to mount an electronic handle.

(Charlie Treadwell) #8

I have handles on both doors, and regular deadbolts. Mostly because both take up too much space on the inside, and I prefer the handle over the deadbolt. It’s more likely to lock if someone doesn’t close the door all the way. There’s a chance the deadbolt might not turn if the door doesn’t get shut tightly, but I haven’t tested it, so don’t quote me.

Kwikset - 99120-005

(Gutierrez) #9

For the door that I have at home, we decided to go with the Schlage Touchpad Deadbolt which works marvelously. After a series of break in’s in our neighbourhood, we decided to invest in new locks and some new security cameras (Nest). The Schlage Touchpad deadbolt itself is equipped with a unique touchscreen that allows you to open the door by inputting your number code (similar to a PIN).

When we got the new lock, we had to integrate it with the handle we already had, since the deadbolt didn’t come with one. Although, you can purchase these from Schlage or continue to use the one that you had in place before. You just have to make sure that it works well with the new deadbolt you installed. I know that there are a few models that come with knobs and handles and you won’t have to worry about getting this as an additional component.

When I began to do some research into smart locks I stumbled across a few online posts that proved rather insightful. There are a few locks that are discussed at length, however, not all of them are compatible (yet) with ST. The Schlage locks are compatible with it and so are it’s Yale and Kwikset counterparts. Hope this helps!