Daylight saving time (Spring 2016)

No big deal I know but what kind of daylight saving time is this? A 3:00 am routine ran at 1:00 am? :smile:

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To quote a recent commercial:

Time travel is dangerous.



I always thought SmartThings was ahead of its time. :wink:


Hey it ran! They are popping champagne in the job scheduling department!


I’m glad to say this is the first year I haven’t experienced any major (or minor) issues related to DST. Wow no DST headaches this year. Great Job.

Well, they would, but they overslept and missed it because their alarms didn’t go off.


So how/when is ST supposed to update for DST? Mine still shows sunset at 5:34 here in San Diego when it’s actually 6:55 today after the time change last night

Thanks, Rick

Yeah, I didn’t have any new issues because of daylight saving time… but when none of my time-based SmartApps have been working for months anyway, I wouldn’t expect DST to come into play at all anyway. :smiley:

I had my sunset commands run and hour early on Sunday. I changed them to a specific time and back to Sunset -30. I’m sure everything will be fine today.

I opened a ticket with ST and they got back to me and said they are having issues with DST, “It looks like our system didn’t update for daylight savings. We are aware of the issue and our engineers are actively working on a solution.”

My sunrise/sunset is still off by 1 hour as of this evening


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I know this doesn’t help you guys now, but, my DST stuff ran without a hitch, and on time, with the new scheduler. I’m testing it now :slight_smile:

Make sure to reach out to support, you may need to “update” your apps.

Mine is also still off as of 01:40 EDT on Tuesday, 15 Mar 2016. (The changeover was nearly two days ago.)

Thursday, 24 Mar 2016, 2:39 am – There is hope, folks. Today, my 2:30 AM “Lights out” command finally executed on time, instead of an hour early as it has been doing since DST began 11 days ago. I did nothing at all to change the command in the iOS app. It just … fixed itself. You know, the way software is supposed to.