Daylight Savings Time issue

So with the change in time, some of my automatic things are happening an hour late.

specifically the ones that deal with automatic mode changes, but not automatic individual switch changes.

Really surprised that something like this is still possible after Y2K :wink:
Going to submit a support ticket. Anyone else have this happen?

Seeing this also - I sent an email to support last night

Sorry about the inconvenience; this affected a few SmartApps and scheduled phrases in Hello, Home and should be fixed going forward. Thanks!

My time-based mode changes are still off. When will the time change issue be fixed?

still broken for me as well - I emailed support again…

Support says this should be fixed by tomorrow

Last night I had one work right on time and the other didn’t work at all, not even an hour late. I do hope it is fixed by tomorrow.

My stuff fired correctly last night and this morning. Looks good

Mine is still off 1 hour. Per ST tech support, I even deleted and re-added my time-based Mode changes.

I had the same issue this morning.

Those lights I have automated were firing an hour earlier than sunset yesterday.

My lights are coming on an hour early (supposed to be sunset -10 min). Is the system time handled locally or “in the cloud”? It seems that an adjustment wasn’t made for the time switch Sunday morning. Could be my own ignorance, but I’m not sure…

Do we need to ‘update’ or reinitialiaze to get the sun state right for routines? Mine have not been updated.

The post you replied to is about two years old. So I don’t think it covers this year’s issue. But apparently this year’s fail is a known issue. I would put in a support ticket.

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It blows me away that daylight savings still causes issues in SmartThings. It’s like DST isn’t something that happens every year or regression tests haven’t been invented yet.

Hey, it’s not a problem until November… bottom of the priority list… Rinse, repeat…

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Anyone know if we are making headway on this?

No, we are still down on the buttom…:grinning:

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I am still kind of sleepy! Bobby, you need to keep your poltergeist in check! :wink: where do you store him? Pretty much everything is a toast, fish died, salted and tinned! :wink:


So sorry for your fish. And hope you are doing better yourself. Poltergeist is out partying tonight, it asked for a night off, after working hard in the past 48 hours. Forgot to tell you, I tried to domesticate it and now it moved in, about 6 months ago. It actually been helping me to avoid some major screw-ups, but last week it said enough is enough and went out to screw some nice looking servers, or so it said…Oh well, what do you expect, a beast is always a beast no matter how much paint you put on it.

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