[ST Edge] Philips Hue LAN [BETA] (3rd Party Driver, Not ST Native)

@blueyetisoftware For info:

I have 2 Hue Hubs, 1 hardwired to main router, one hardwired to wi-fi mesh node… it is 50/50 as to which one does not remain present in ST and, above that 50/50 if there is a drop out…

Never an issue though as the on/off via Hue has always ‘re-onlined’ them from ST pov… remote or otherwise (I’ve had a lot of power outages recently :roll_eyes:)

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@blueyetisoftware well. Today we lost internet and the issue is back. I dont think we lost power this time, however the modem and router was reset. I made sure this time my tv and hub were on the correct wifi and they are, yet the hue hub and all devices have remained offline for the entirety of today.

You can try refreshing your hub device by going to the details and pulling down to refresh. If it doesn’t have the IP address, that will cause it to try and resolve it. It would help to get a log file for your device. You can DM me a log if you want more detailed help.

Yes, that was the case for me. Two Hue bridges, ST hub, network router and switches etc, all rebooting at the same time. 18 Room Lights gradually reappeared over maybe 30 minutes to an hour as I recall.

Philips Hue Beta 2023-09-

  • Support specific button events for each switch type. Some switches are press only, while others support held and double tap.
  • Update to latest Hue temperature API
  • Update to latest Hue illuminance API
  • Add patched version of cosock to workaround ST platform bug

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Philips Hue Beta 2023-09-

  • Reverted this change: Add patched version of cosock to workaround ST platform bug

Philips Hue Beta 2023-09-
-Fixed bug caused by versioning problem during driver deployment

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I confirm that everything is back up and running. Thank you for the incredible work you did to fix this problem. you gave us the light back :joy::joy::blush:


Sorry if this is the wrong thread to post this scenario/question/issue… Before switching over to this driver (which is amazing and surpasses the stock ST hue driver by miles), my setup consisted of an Alexa utilizing the hue and ST skills together. And inside of ST, I also had hue connected so that I could do ST specific automation there.

I believe Alexa (or maybe ST) figured out how to recognize duplicate bulbs, because for a while I did not have duplicates. Moving over to the hue edge BETA driver, I know have duplicates showing up. I realize I could remove the hue skill from Alexa to solve that, thus removing all hue coming from the Alexa side. I haven’t thought through that impact as I do have many automations through alexa that affect hue bulbs and groups.

I guess what I’m getting at is… how are others handling the need to have both systems recognize the hue ecosystem. Because of the slight delay in ST updating the hue hub (i.e. dimming a bulb in ST which can take a bit to update inside hue), I’d rather not kill the Alexa hue skill and solely rely on ST to control hue. But maybe my thinking is way off here. Wondering if anyone else has a solid setup and/or an easy way to stop having duplicates in Alexa. Because anytime there is a new discovery, Alexa will pull everything back in.

As I think about it, I guess the real question for this specific thread is “is there a way to permanently prevent the hue devices from getting pulled into Alexa through the ST skill?”

I am using the skill and this driver without issue. Since the skill has all of the bulbs individual, I was using an Alexa grouping to handle turning on/off, etc. I removed the Alexa groupings after installing this driver and only use this driver for importing my Hue Groups.

If I say, “Turn on Kitchen” it uses the room that this driver made.

If I say, “Turn on Kitchen light 1” it uses the single bulb linked via the Skill.

I hope that helps.

Yes, I follow. I think the issue is really more around how to prevent duplicate devices if at all possible. I am able to control everything without issue. But with around 45 total hue devices, it would be ideal to not have them all showing in Alexa devices twice (one set from hue skill and one set from ST skill). This was not the case with the ST stock hue driver.

This driver has settings to decide what you want to import. I imported only rooms/groups and no individual lights imported from it.

Once the Hue Hub is paired with ST Hub via the driver, you can select ‘Add Devices’ and choose from a number of different options (Rooms, Zones, Motion Sensors, Buttons, Lights)


I have been unsuccessful in getting any of the Lutron Aurora knobs to work with this Edge Driver. I have about 6 and all of them show as offline in the Smartthings app and unavailable in the Hue app even though they function just fine with your hand at the actual knob. Any suggestions to get these lutron aurora knobs working in smartthings?

If they’re not working the Hue App, they won’t work in ST since this driver leverages what’s in your Hue app.

Have you tried troubleshooting in the Hue app to see what the issue is there?


I just figured it out. I just turned the knobs and they became active again in the hue app and smartthings. All is good now! I think in getting a new router recently they just need to be used again and I had not had this driver enabled before the router switch.



This occurs when the knobs don’t checkin to tell the Hue hub they are still active. When you turned the knob, Hue realized it was still alive.

This is true. If you see this agin, the issue is likely with your zigbee mesh network on the Hue side.

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You’re probably right. I have moved some things around recently. I will see if there is a way to have the hue hub rebuild it’s zigbee mesh network

Same method as any Zigbee network:

Unplug the hue hub while leaving all other devices connected to the hue hub on power.

Wait about 20 minutes. During this time since the other devices cannot reach the hub, they will go into “panic mode.“

Put the Hue hub back on power. This will cause all of the devices on the zigbee Network created by the hue hub to rebuild their neighbor tables. This process can take several hours, so you may not see results until the next day.

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Is anybody using this driver on the Wifi Mesh Hub? I have a user that is seeing a fatal crash in the ST socket code when using that hub. Curious if it is tied to that model of hub, or possibly the version of his firmware. If you are using the Wifi Mesh hub, can you please DM me your firmware version and let me know if you are able to successfully refresh your Hue hub device from the ST app.