Sonos Music Automation (Help)

So recently smartthings has changed how they allow you to control Sonos. I used to be able to have webcore start a URI or use the speaker companion app to play a station. Now I can no longer get track uris from the log and the speaker companion app states “this device can only play current selection”.

How does one accomplish this? I have an 8 button switch I want to program station too.

This provided little fix to the problem. I’ve already changed the device type and in still experiencing the same problem listed above. This is in classic and new.

It wasn’t intended as a fix. There is probably no fix currently. That link has some discussion with updates that are needed to smart apps in order to work with the new capabilities.

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The only smart app I know of that has already updated to work with the new Sonos integration is rule builder. I think playPreset plays a station? @joshua_lyon can field questions specific to sonos and SharpTools.

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