Craftsman Model 139.55918 Garage Door Controller: can I integrate it with SmartThings?

I realize there are a ton of threads on this but I haven’t really found anything that would work for me so far.
I am hoping some of you might be able to help.

I have a Craftsman Model 139.55918 smart garage door opener as seen at this Amazon link.

It came with an Assurelink Internet Gateway model 41A7665 which I use with a mobile phone app. It all works just fine.

I want to integrate the opener with Smartthings but I haven’t found anything that will work.
Some of the things I want to be able to do is to say Hey Google and give it a specific command to open the garage door. Something very specific so someone couldn’t simply yell Hey Google Open the Garage door from outside and have it open. I’d also like to look into some geo-fencing so the door opens automatically when I get close to home or closes automatically if it is still open after I leave.

I know someone created a MyQ App that was then disabled so it doesn’t work.

I also purchased a Linear Z-Wave GD00Z-1 and when I hooked that up the light would blink on the door opener as if it was getting a signal but would never open or close. I just don’t think my Craftsman is compatible so I sent it back. Not sure if the Linear Z-Wave GD00Z-4 would be more compatible.

So I am reaching out to see if anyone out there has successfully integrated this model door opener with Smartthings?

I am considering buying a Chamberlain MYQ-G0301 to see if it can do what I want. From what I gathered I can at minimum pay a $10 yearly fee to connect it to IFTTT and then maybe create some routines that I can bring over to Smartthings.

Has anyone successfully integrated this MYQ with Smartthings using IFTTT? I also read that there was a new app that works for this gateway but wasn’t clear if it was also disabled or still functioning.

Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

There is a myq SmartApp

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The linear models are all the same device, they literally just come in different boxes based on the suffix. So that won’t change anything.

For questions about compatibility of that device with your existing garage door controller, just ask gocontrol support. They can give you the definitive answer on that:

It looks like it’s just a rebranded MyQ opener. There is some coding sent through the clickers that doesn’t work out of the box with the Linear or other products. But I’m sure you found the threads about the 883LM button hack between the Linear and the opener. It worked for me, pretty cheap $8 to try it.

I did the same thing you are wanting to do with Google assistant as well. By design Alexa and Ok Google don’t OPEN or CLOSE things due to the security, safety and probably liability risks. They turn things ON and OFF though. The easy work around is to create a virtual/simulated switch in ST that the opens and closes the garage door via the Linear/883LM. Name the switch something like Bat Cave. Then enable the switch in the assistant and tell the assistant to turn on the Bat Cave to open and turn off to close. I use Webcore for the actual open/close though I think it can be done in ST alone. Can’t remember, I believe l used Webcore so all my automations are in the same place. Scenes might work too with the switch, haven’t tried.

I went ahead and ordered the MYQ-G0301. I’ll let you know if it works and how I set everything up. It will arrive on Friday.

I use the MyQ opener with my garage, and while it’s not natively supported by SmartThings, the smartapp works perfectly.
One thing to keep in mind you will need a tilt sensor other than the one that comes with the MyQ as smartthings cannot talk to it, nor can the smartapp poll the MyQ server for the status of the MyQ tilt sensor because MyQ blocked it as far as I’m aware. The smartapp will, however, work without one, and you can use the MyQ app to tell if the garage door is open or closed, but telling google or alexa to open and close the door may become an issue because they won’t be able to tell for sure if the door is open or closed, they will only know the status based on the last open/close command you sent through smartthings. If you open or close the door manually it won’t be synced.
Alexa treats the garage door as a switch so it can open and close it without the built in security functions requiring a code, but I can’t tell you how google will treat it.

Thanks, I ordered a garage door sensor as well. I think I should be good. Hope it all works.
Anyone setup Geo-Fencing with Smartthings? Is it difficult? I’d like the garage to open when pull onto my street based on my cell phone location. And then maybe check to make sure it is closed and close it when I leave the area. Not sure how sensitive that type of thing is though. Alternatively I will just ask google to open it from my phone but would be pretty cool if it was all automated. Also, not sure how that works if you have it open when you enter an area. Will it open again after I close it while I am still in the area? Anywho, I’ll be tinkering with all that.

Use a routine to open the garage “When you arrive”. Make sure your address on your home hub is set and that location is enabled and permission granted on the app. It shouldn’t open again unless you leave and come back.

I am happy to report that everything is working as expected. They Chamberlain MyQ Hub hooked up to my Craftsman door opener with no issues. I was able to setup the MyQ smart app and it is communicating to my MyQ and everything works like a charm.

I also setup a routine to open the garage door when my mobile phone arrives. Just got home from a movie and as I pulled around the corner I could see the door opening automatically.

I have 1 minor issue. My monoprice door sensor is too far from the hub and doesn’t always or immediately register as open/closed correctly with smartthings. I have purchase a small z-wave range extender which I will place in the garage. I expect that will fix things. It will be here on Monday.

Thanks for all the posts and help. Hopefully this thread will help others.

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