New garage door opener

I am about to purchase a new garage door opener. Is there one that will work with Smartthings right out of the box?


Not right now. MyQ is broken with no estimated return time. If it’s important I would get a non-MyQcompatible model and then buy the Linear/GoControl/Iris GD00z opener controller.

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I don’t “think” so. The only models with built in integration are MyQ, which is not supported by SmartThings. So this leaves you to decide on which third party add-on to stick on top of it.

My question is do you really need/want SmartThings to open and close your garage door?

I went with Liftmaster 'cause I really like the 8500 series. I stuck a contact sensor on it so SmartThings could tell me it is open when it shouldn’t be. If SmartThings tells me that, I open the MyQ app and close it.

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So it seems my best option is a regular opener with the linear module tied in.

I had myq but like everyone else is saying it’s not working anymore and I was tired of waiting for the integration so I just bought the linear opener from Amazon. It was easy to install it’s z-wave and works perfectly.

I recently installed the GD00Z also with no problems.

You could’ve saved yourself some dough. From time to time, the lowes iris ones are listed on Amazon. Like right now …

They are usually listed in the 50$ range.

Did you connect it to your liftmaster? I thought it was incompatible-

No I have a Craftsman, However I don’t see how it wouldn’t work. It hooks up to the opener by the wall mounted opener terminals so unless liftmaster doesn’t have a wired opener it should work.

Need some hints please. Gonna hook my Iris GDOOZ-1 garage door controller today. I paired it next to my ST hub before I installed it. St’s found it correctly, but it shows up as unknown (in the orange circle with the garage door icon).

Is that normal; that will change when I actually connect it to my garage door opener & open and close it a few times with the old wall button?

When I hooked up mine it came up as z-wave garage door. You might want to remove it and try to re add it again.

It showed up as a z-wave garage door. I"m guessing the app doesn’t know if the garage door is opened or closed yet because it’s not actually hooked up yet. I’m just gonna go for it & see what happens.

Edit: Never mind, it appears that is just started to work when I move the sensor.

I’ve had two Linear Z-Wave GD00Z Garage Door Controllers and both failed within a few months of each other. They get activated by the SmartThings hub and the light starts to flash, but they no longer close the circuit to open the door. Both are out of warranty, so I’m screwed. I don’t recommend them. I’m researching other options.


Hi Ross, what model of garage opener do you have?

I bought this one from Lowes.
Item # 589237 Model # GD-00Z-1
It’s on sale for $59.99

And what is the brand of the motor? Because I have Liftmaster 7576 Security+ 2.0 garage door and Linear GoControl zwave opener but doesn’t work. The device is recognized and beeps as it should, but the garage does not go up and down. I’m researching options.

Sorry, guess I didn’t really read your question .:blush:
I have a Craftsmen 1/2hp opener, nothing special.

Your issue sounds like the Linear isn’t connected to the correct connections on the opener. But that’s just a wild guess.

This is what happens with these Linear modules. I’ve had two of them, and both worked initially but failed within months. One of them failed within the warranty period - and one just died two months outside of it.

Unfortunately we don’t have a good alternative it seems since the MyQ integration is toast.

Mine also died after about a year. It would beep but nothing would happen. Tried several things to fix it, but ended up replacing it with a new one. :disappointed:

The Linear GoControl is a terrible product… after 13 months. For 12 months, it’s nearly perfect. At 13, done. No worky. Useless crap.

The Nexx Garage controller is good for Alexa, but no support for Smartthings or IFTTT.

I’m looking into the Garageio.