Interfacing the Linear garage door opener with Smartthings

I bought the Iris version of the Linear (GD00Z-1) and successfully connected it to my SmartThings hub at our cabin in NJ. The garage door opener is an older Sears version, (at least 6-7 year old). Works like a charm. I recently installed two new Craftsman openers and after connecting the GD00Z-1 up, linked it, and it works as expected, however, the door does not open. I put a Ohm Meter on the wires coming from the GD00Z-1, and it provides a momentary contact closure when given the close command. I thought that the wall button doe the Craftsman was a normally open contact and closes with you push it. I plan on asking my wife to push the button and check it to see if I am correct.

I can’t imagine it being normally closed and then opens when you push the button?

This setup at our other house in 20 minutes! Is this the version of garage door opener that I have that uses a backwards button?


That would be a question for Linear customer support, they’ll be able to help you check the hookup.

Unfortunately, Linear wants you to drop $50 for a phone call. I’ll try email.

Huh. I’m having the same problem!

Door closes per ST command, but won’t open. I just hadn’t any time to dig into the issue yet. If I get a chance this weekend I’ll troubleshoot and let you know…

@BadAppleMan: I’m interested in what progress you have made with your issue. I installed the NuTone version of the Linear Garage Door controller, and I CAN OPEN the door using ST, but am NOT able to CLOSE it. The standard wall button and OEM opener remote both work as expected. The ST app just says “Closing Door” or similar but nothing happens. Ideas?

Hey @dmccr- I’ve been out on vacation for the past couple of days, sorry for the delay. What I found was that the erratic behavior was caused by a weak mesh. I added a couple of outlets that I found on sale in the deals section, and restarted my unit. The restart caused a z-wave mesh rebuild, and that fixed the problem.