FAQ: Question about GoControl--Is it the same as Linear?

Hey guys I’m looking at adding this to my garage door but am kind of confused. When looking on Amazon I’d showing the gocontrol item but it’s also snowing some others with different names. The hardware looks identical but it had different names on it. What’s the difference with these?

Good catch! :sunglasses: Nortek is one of the largest manufacturers of Z wave devices. They sell their devices under several different brand names, including two gig, Linear, Nutone, Numera, and GoControl. The Z wave ones are all the same devices, typically with the same model number, just in a different box and with a different brand label stuck on. So any discussion you see in the forums about Linear devices also applies to the gocontrol with the same model number.

For example, for their garage door controller:

GD00Z-1 = Lowes Iris box

GD00Z-2 = Linear box, also distributed with
ADT Pulse sticker

GD00Z-3 = Nexia box

GD00Z-4 = GoControl box, now available in a newer version which is Zwave plus

GD00Z-5 = Linear packaging

NGD00Z = Nutone packaging

All the same device, usually with the same user manual, but a different box and a different sticker on the front.

edited to update 2 March 2017

It remains true that the suffix just tells you what box it comes in. But @doncaruana has pointed out in another thread that there is a newer version of the GD00Z–4 model which is Z wave plus, while as of this writing almost all of the other ones are The older classic Z-Wave. My guess is that eventually the other models will also be updated to Zwave plus, but no telling when.

Meanwhile, check the specs on any individual device that you are considering buying to see if it is plain Z wave or Z wave plus. If the prices are the same, get the Z wave plus model as it will have a longer range. But the zwave classic devices work fine for many community members.


Thanks! So when buying I should get the one with the cheapest price not worrying about the name?

Well, I look first at the reputation of the seller and the returns policy. But after that, sure, as long as they all have the same model number. (It’s OK if there’s a different suffix on the end, that just says what box it should be put into. But the main number should be the same.)

Also, you may not know that Amazon is not always the lowest price for Z wave devices. So it pays to shop around.

Gocontrol devices, in particular, are sold at both Lowe’s and Home Depot and you can often get a cheaper price by shopping there just with the regular store coupon for 15% off or whatever. Best Buy also carries some GoControl items.

You can also check the deals category in this forum

and the specialty home automation retailers.

As far as the garage door opener, definitely check Lowe’s for their version of it (it will be in the “works with Iris” category) and Home Depot, it’s often on sale there.

@JDRoberts - Thanks man, your always such a big help!

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2019 update:

We are just starting to see the newest version of this device, which includes support for the S2 security framework.

GD00z-6: ADT version, but sold at Amazon, among other places

GD00z-7: GoControl version

So these are a new generation compared to the ones with suffixes of five or lower. But again, they should be identical except for the label and the box once you get to -6 or higher.

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