Front door lockset and garage opener

(Zack Duchene) #1

I am getting ready to setup my smartthings in my new house. I am looking for suggestions on which lock set would work best with smartthings and look best in this situation. Attached is the picture of the existing. Do I just go with a deadbolt type or does someone make a combo unit?

Also, I have to put in a new garage door opener anyway, is there one that I should get that works best with the system?

Thanks for the help!

(Kurt Sanders) #2

I like our Kwikset SmartCode™ 916 Touchscreen Electronic Deadbolt with HomeConnect™

(Zack Duchene) #4

What about a garage door opener? If you had to buy a brand new one to work with the system what would it be?

(Kurt Sanders) #5

I went with the Craftsman AssureLink™ Internet 3/4 HP DC Belt Drive Garage Door Opener DieHard® Battery Backup which is Homelink compatible. The smart garage door opener is integrated with the MyQ SmartApp which allows for one to open and close the doors via a internet accessible Smartphone and/or with Smartthings. The garage door opener can be programmed to automatically close after a designated number of minutes being open, which takes the worry out of remembering if one closed it.

With with the battery backup, one can still open the garage door a number of times from the included external keypad or car remote in the event of a power loss. Liftmaster, who makes this series, also has a similar model.

(Zack Duchene) #6

Zigbee or ZWave? Looks like they offer both.

(Keith Croshaw) #7

Mine is z wave. Feel like z wave is a bit more platform agnostic (jump shippable).