Garage Door Opener- what do you recommend?

Hello everyone, i’m kind of new here and have a quick question for you guys.

I have a liftmaster 8365 garage door opener. When i checked on the smarting compatibility site it says the GD00Z-4 go control is compatible with any garage door made after 1993. If you had the choice would you purchase this system to integrate it in to smart things or the MYQ wifi garage door opener to integrate with smart things. I saw on the forums that both systems have been done. Just wondering which was will be an easier setup as far as integration with smart things?

I’m very happy with the MyQ setup. It integrates well with ST. I have several automations in Smartthings that trigger the garage either up or down. I’ve also enjoyed having the direct MyQ control too. I intentionally receive notifications from both ST and MyQ. I have two garage doors and MyQ only cost me $50 for the gateway to control both.

I believe the GD00Z-4 is the only officially supported purpose built product that allows local control (some automations will still work when your internet goes out)

I use the gd00z and I love it. It integrated well with ST as well as being controlled by my Amazon echo.

I prefer the Zwave devices over anything Wi-Fi.

You will have to poll the MyQ for status of open/close. The MyQ wont need any wiring, but if you don’t mind wiring the two extra wires, then I would go with the GD00Z-4 for better integration.

You guys are great thanks for the info. I’ll be posting videos once its all done.

I had issues with GD00Z after power outages and randomly didn’t work as expected. I installed MYQ openers myself and think they are superior in many ways. They still work via battery with manual control during power outage which adds something for the house and family beyond automation. Also, you can set to automatically close after xx minutes even when the Internet and/or SmartThings is down for superior security and reliability. I don’t have any issues with MYQ device status since I never need to use that. I have z-wave tilt sensors on the doors and smartapps to close/open under certain conditions. The MYQ hardware is nice, much quieter door movement than the old openers they replaced. Frequently on sale at Lowes for around $225 IIRC. And they always come with accessories, extra remotes and exterior keypads it seems.


After reading this… I would get that to… But my house came from the builder with a nice new genie door opener.

I have a Chamberlain 828 LM and I love it. It works great and was very easy to integrate using user provided code in the ST Forums.

My house also came with a genie and it was about a year old but its contractor grade and was just too loud and slow. I couldn’t justify buying the linear controller to add onto it. I also wanted a motion controlled light in the garage and that meant adding a light switch with motion detector or a motion detector + zwave switch which would have been another $50 - $70 on top of the linear. Ended up with Chamberlain LW9000WF on sale for $229 (its currently $228 at lowes) and I had a 10% movers coupon. Couldn’t be happier with it…MyQ is built in, it has a motion detector to turn on the lights, and it has battery backup. Plus its faster then the Genie yet quieter. Sold the Genie for $50 locally to recoup some of my money.

I understand not wanting to change out a perfectly good opener thou…I debated it for weeks but then it went on sale and had to bite. Having that motion activated light is such a small thing but its my favorite part…especially when you walk into the garage with a handful of stuff.

I understand completely. Mine is a bit noisy… But I just can’t bring myself to do it…lol. I already have motion lights and a Zwave switch installed.

But, if it ever breaks I know I’m upgrading.

Another vote for MyQ. Pretty simple and it works well with ST.

I have installed Chamberlain Group WD1000WF 1 1/4 HP Smartphone-Controlled Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener with Battery Backup and Ultra-Quiet Operation. It has inbuilt MyQ. I can operate it through MyQ app.
Question - how do I link it to smartThings. Especially if i want to open the doors on my arival (geocaching) using my smart phone