Connecting Honeywell Lyric to ST

Has anyone had any luck connecting Honeywell Lyric to ST?

@karakoop Do you have the Honeywell Lyric? I was curious how well it worked and what you thought of it if you do have it.

Yes, got it up and going about a week ago and it has been OK. I do not have a “C” wire and after a few days I got the display that the battery needed to be replaced. I have seen reviews that the stock battery sometimes needs to be replaced right away. Will have a better idea when I see how long the new one lasts. If 1 AAA lithium battery runs a year and I do not need to run a C wire I will be very happy with it. Was hoping it would run with ST but I haven’t been able to make anything from any of the ST threads work. This is all fairly new to me.

My understanding is that the Lyric API has not been released yet.

Cut/paste from about Lyric

“We’re using our own APIs across the various categories within Honeywell,” Tony Uttley, general manager of Home Comfort and Energy Systems, told me over coffee recently. I asked about the opportunity for outside developers, and he responded, “We want to make sure that Honeywell is continued to be recognized as high quality. We want to make sure that partners have something at stake in terms of quality and that it’s a consistent experience.”

I have the Lyric and like it but I wish they had an more “open” mind

thanks for the feedback. I was happy with it but had some compatibility issues that could have been due to the lack of a common wire or a faulty unit. Costumer service was good for troubleshooting but instead of exchanging for a new unit I decided to go with the Nest (on sale for $70 cheaper) and have been using that for almost two weeks without any battery issues. Do not like the look as much as the lyric but like mobile adjustments. The apps are much easier to use than the smartthings community build but that may be me not being up to speed with everything.

Hello how were you able to add a Lyric to smartthings?

Any update here with V2?

Looks like Honeywell has released the Lyric API

My development skills are bit limited, appreciate any Lyric owners that can help create a device type for this thermostat


OOOOOOOH! Very exciting!

Please, someone that knows what they’re doing; do something!!!


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I’m hoping to give it a whirl but hopefully someone beats me to it.

Supposedly this will be integrated by smart things themselves

Will hold my breath though. I am a wink defector for the st ver 2 and I am pretty happy but have to say wink seems to be more aggressive with app updates.

Does anyone have a device written for this?

i was able to pair my Lyric from the menu under connect a new device/ Climate Control/ thermostats


Can you share how things are going with Lyric? Are you using remote sensors? (ie multisensors)

No issues so far. No remote sensors as well.

I have the Lyric thermostat appearing in the smarthings app, but it gives no data or feedback. What can I do to fix it?

I have the same issue! Got it today, but no matter what I do, I can not get data back in ST for the device. It doesn’t help that the buttons don’t match what the app says. It says, click the I Accept button, when there’s only Allow or Deny buttons. Of course I’ve gone through it multiple times and chose both buttons to no success, but the Lyric iphone app will say it was successful either way.

Ok, well, I opened a support ticket to Honeywell because that appears to be the source after monitoring the Live Logging.

They pointed fingers at ST. So now I’ve filed a ticket with them too. Sigh…

To whomever runs into this issue. I’ve contacted ST support and received this response today:

My apologies for the trouble with this. At the moment we are having a platform issue with the Lyric integration (on our side). This is causing the issues that you’re seeing on your side. I have tagged your account so that we can follow up with you once we have the issue resolved on our end. Until then, I’m sorry for the trouble, but thank you for your patience while we work on getting this fixed.

Best Regards,
SmartThings Support

Thanks for the note. Hopefully they will add my name to the list of persons to notify.