An unexpected error occured - Lyric Thermostat

I’m having an issue pairing my Honeywell Lyric. Whenever I try to add it everything goes through just fine until the very end. When hitting the final “done” button, it states. Un unexpected error has occurred.

I originally had it working I think. But when I checked to see if it was working this week have had it fail as you have. I can’t tell who is messing it up Honeywell or Samsung. But no surprise no answers in a month for this guy, even though it’s only 10 deg in Chicago I hear crickets in this thread.

Anyone else get this up?

I would really like to get this working. Smartthings… Do you read these threads? Any input? Lyric is on your main website however it doesn’t seem to be compatible with Smartthings or there is a serious bug in your code not allowing it to join. Can you please give us some guidance?