Honeywell Total Connect Comfort versus Lyric for SmartThings Support

I’m building a new house and I’m at the stage of selecting thermostats. I’m committed to SmartThings for smart home and Honeywell for thermostats. Honeywell seems to have two categories for controlling the thermostats that I am interested in - Total Connect Comfort or Lyric.

I would be happy with a device from either category, so my question is does anyone have experience with Honeywell’s SmartThings integration that would recommend one control type over the other?

Many thanks.

I built my house three years ago and I have this one : and I absolutely love it. It interfaces with ST well. Also, I can access it with webcore pistons. I do not know anything about the Lyric.

Both the total connect and the lyric are on the official “works with smartthings“ list for the US. There is also a Honeywell Z wave model on that list:

I have a Honeywell Prestige as well. Two of them, actually . . talking to two different ST hubs. There have been some very occasional hiccups between Total Connect (which is Honeywell’s cloud app and platform) and ST, but generally the coordination between the two has been very good. (The hiccups relate to a login issue between ST and Total Connect. Nothing more than some annoying “I can log in” messages.)

Integration with ST is great. I find myself using the Total Connect app as opposed to the ST Classic app for manual adjustments, but automated adjustments are made perfectly through webCore.

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Hi i have the lyric and never had any problems to date, im controlling my heating whilst at work and integrated with google hub.

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My house came with 2 Lyrics v2.0 (2 zone HVAC). Didn’t like them at all… the Lyrics may look nice and Nest-like but they are dumbed down buggy thermostats you cannot even turn on the fans without a phone. To set them up is a hit or miss most of the times the phone won’t “see them”. Got two of the Honeywell RTH9585WF1004; works perfectly with Smartthings and the setup was a breeze. The TC app looks outdated but it’s very functional and informative.

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Agreed. The Total Connect Comfort app works well. It offers easy and informative control of both of my Wi-Fi thermostats. Honestly, I use the phone app often, especially when I am away from home. But I also use Alexa often to adjust settings. And I do have a couple of webcore pistons that make adjustments too. However…

“The app works with many Honeywell Wi-Fi thermostats including Prestige®, Prestige® IAQ, Wireless FocusPRO® and EConnect™ Comfort Systems when used in conjunction with Honeywell’s Internet Gateway”

So you have to have Honeywell’s Internet Gateway connected to your network. I have this one but a new one is available. Setup is very easy.

How did you pair this with smartthings we also have the same gateway but cant find how to get it working with smarthings?

I just followed these instructions.

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Thank you!


Thanks all. Great insights. As a result I’m leaning toward the Wi-Fi Smart Color Thermostat (RTH9585WF).

I have two additional questions though, if I may:

  1. TCC systems including the RTH9585WF do not natively support geofencing. I assume that ST geofencing could compensate for that? Anyone with that experience?
  2. @Pantheon In the RTH9585WF documentation I do not see any reference to the need for a Honeywell Internet Gateway. I wonder if that is for other models?

Thanks again.

@rodcmarr Actually, this thread has me questioning if I even need the gateway. My thermostats are wifi enabled. So now that I have added a SmartThings hub to the mix, maybe I don’t. I am going to test that theory this weekend and see.

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Interesting, as I said I have 2 Honeywell WiFi TCC thermostats and this is the first time I hear about the Honeywell Redlink platform. Mine connect directly to the TCC servers via WiFi->internet (I also access them online). Seems to me yours use Honeywell’s proprietary radio platform to connect to the bridge and then the internet. That platform is probably more robust than just WiFi. In my case in almost a year I haven’t had any problems with wifi connection using the RTH9585WF1004 (the Lyric thermostats on the other hand were crap).

Thanks @CarlMN really good to know these RTH9585WF’s are functional and reliable. By any chance have you included them in any geofencing through smartthings?

Also, we will have one of these in the master bedroom. Any experience in being able to dim them overnight? This becomes an essential criteria for my wife.

thanks again.

Some Honeywell thermostats are just that and others, like the Prestige line, ship with the Gateway which provides for a proprietary non-wifi (and supposedly more reliable) connection to the internet. They also may have a control panel that attaches to the air handler unit for advanced functions like humidity control. These are best installed by a HVAC controller.

Regarding the geofencing question, you can do control via that function albeit maybe not directly. I have a routine that runs when I return leave that sets thermostat back and a webCore piston that releases it from that hold when I return.

Just to confirm: you don’t need a Honeywell gateway to use Honeywell Wi-Fi thermostats.

I have three of these:

The TCC app and website is … adequate … but clunky. My thermostats control zones on a heat pump HVAC system. One thing missing from the app/website is indicator showing that aux heat is on. This displays on three thermostats but nowhere else.

I have the SmartThings to TCC connection set up and can see and control three thermostats via SmartThings app but have not yet done any automation

FWIW, Honeywell started a six-week (!) maintenance period in mid-January. TCC has been periodically unavailable since then.

For me, there are too many “moving parts” involved to trust control of these thermostats to automation. For now, I’m sticking to the on-thermostat schedules and use apps to set temporary holds when needed.

Yes, you can set the backlight to 0 (screen off when inactive) or all the way up to 10 (bright). Also be aware that this model even though its called “color thermostat” is actually monochromatic (the older model is full color), meaning you can set the background only to one color at a time (mine is set to green). I’m sure you can Google this model and download the manual PDF.
I don’t use geofencing because it’s not practical in my specific situation with several family members coming and going!