Samsung SmartCam integration

Does anyone have any experience with the Samsung SmartCam/Wisenet line? I see they have a nice looking inside camera that that tilts and pans, but wondering if it will integrate into my ST hub. Thanks.

The following Samsung SmartCam models can be connected to SmartThings.

Samsung SmartCam HD Plus (SNH-C6417BN), White
Samsung SmartCam HD Plus (SNH-V6414BN), Black
Samsung SmartCam HD Pro (SNH-P6410BN)

Those are officially supported. There are some community efforts to integrate other models as well. Which models do you have?

I have the Smartcam C6417 model

I have an Android Samsung S7 phone
using Smarthings Classic app

I have the Smarthings Hub

I was able to register Smartcam with Wisenet app on the phone
I could NOT get the Wisenet app to access the Smartcam

I called their tech support and eventually was told that their app
doesn’t always work on Android and to use a tablet etc
I said I didn’t have one - guy’s reaction after a few rounds was “oh well, you are SOL then”

I said some very nasty things to him …

being mad I called Smarthings support and Matthew was very helpful and supportive
yet, insisted that there was nothing they could do as Wisenet is a separate “entity”

out of frustration I tried the Smarthings Classic app to find the Smartcam and it did
as an “existing camera” - Matthew as positive it wouldn’t work and yet it did :slight_smile:

so I can use the Camera and am still learning how to setup alerts etc

Note: the camera needs lots of light to actually see faces
so I plan to get a few Smarthings outlet controllers to “let there be light” if the Camera detects motion or audio


It has night vision. You can make sure it’s on in the smart cam app.

It’s not wisenet

yes, it is Wisenet

and they are clueless on getting the camera to work with their app or with their Smartcloud

I had Smartcloud working this morning for about 30 minutes then poof - no more

can’t get it to work

talked to Wisenet rep and clueless about what to do

talked to Smarthings - said I need to talk to wisenet

I have a $130 camera that is a piece of crap :frowning:


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I can’t get the Smartcam app to work

Smarthings rep says the camera/app doesn’t work

recommends I get the Netgear Arlo - but I’m not wasting any more money
on Smarthings junk :frowning:


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I’m sorry this camera is giving you so much trouble! Smartcam is just a rebranding of wisenet. Either app should work. I noticed that initial setup can be tricky with these things. WiFi direct is a crappy technology.

I would factory reset the camera and remove any sd cards before factory resetting it. Id also move it to a different outlet in a different room, if they don’t get enough power they act very strangely. If the phone app can’t find camera on multiple phones after that, I would probably return it. Some devices ship defective.

The problems I’ve had with some of these smart cams is interference. If there’s a router within 50 feet they can’t be setup. If your still tinkering with it let me know how it goes!


all is well - at the moment

I called Smarthings and they insisted I had to work with Wisenet
I said I had it working with Smarthings and he stated I was “lucky”

Samsung no longer lists these cameras and instead favor the Netgear Arlo series

I said a few choice words and hung up

after 3 more calls to Wisenet I was able to get the camera to register/setup and even do
the firmware update

camera is now working with Wisenet and Smarthings
I have to setup all the notifications and rules

I did unplug power and move the camera after getting it to work
and it came back active with no issues

I am looking in to getting a UPS battery backup
but they only last about 30 minutes or so
not sure it is worth it

the camera is in the same room as the router
not even 10’ away
there is no way to have it 50’ away

for anyone reading this I can NOT recommend this camera
Samsung SmartCam HD Plus (SNH-C6417BN)

it is a real PITA to get working and keep working :frowning:



I commend your patience! well done!


thanks for your advice


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I’m assuming this is all in reference to the SmartThings Classic app? Still cannot understand why my Samsung Smartthings products no longer work with the latest Smartthings App. Would seem a no-brainer that items purchased to work with the hub would be top priority to work in the future. Or is this yet another ploy to have us throw away products that still work for unnecessary upgrades?

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I have Samsung SmartCam HD Pro (SNH-P6410BN), but I can’t figure out how to get it connected in the “new” (not Classic) SmartThings app. It’s not listed under cameras as a supported item, and when the app searches for devices, all it finds is a neighbor’s TV (a whole other issue).

I don’t think it works. They’ve been replaced by smartthings cam.

Is SNH-P6410BN not supported by smartthings now?