Costco Smartcam HD Plus

Saw this in costco tonight…it’s not the Pro, seems like a new model, anyone buy this and is it compatible with Smartthings?

was it this?

Yeah, that’s it. It isnt even sold by Amazon yet.

I also saw today at Costco, Smartcam HD Plus for $139
Seems to have even better specs than Smartcam HD Pro, but Plus would imply less specs. I have not yet purchased a ST v2 hub yet, but if this camera is supported, I’d consider getting both! Very little info on the web for this cam, but I would expect that they would have allowed ST capability since it’s such a new camera.
Any thoughts on if this would be compatible?

All officially supported cameras

I realize it is not on the current ST supported products list because it is such a new camera, the model would not have been available during ST v2 testing. That doesn’t mean the Plus wasn’t designed to work with ST. So maybe we won’t know until someone tries to connect the camera per the instructions already provided for the Pro and shares the results with this community. Thanks in advance for any efforts here.

I purchased this camera last week, but have been unsuccessful at getting it connected to the v2 hub. Anyone else have this camera and have had any luck? I also don’t think the camera has any lesser specs than the pro, and I think its a better made version tbh.

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I just bought it tonight, no luck. Hopefully they will add it

Thanks lanek99 and Adkhkr1 for reporting your findings. Hoping they add this soon! Cheers

I have also tested it and concur with the above findings. Hopeful some software upgrade will allow it to integrate.

I had inquired with ST support, here’s what they said:

“The camera was recently released so we do need a bit of time to certify it. That means thoroughly testing it and then integrating it into our platform. I would expect that early in Q1, so most likely early next year.”

Hopefully someone could build some code in the mean time to get us inpatient ones something to smile about.

Costco has these cameras on sale for around $100. Good buy. Are you guys happy with it?

I bought 2 to replace my dropcams. Got tired of paying $15/month and in a bit over a year, it’ll pay for itself. Anyway, so far i like all the features. But I’m getting choppy video a lot which I never got on my dropcams. So I’m on the fence right now. They are both pretty close to my router, so not sure why I would be having these issues. I even tried setting the video resolution to “low” and still seeing the problem. Anyone else having similar issues?

Do they stream to a URL? I’m curious if it will work with SmartTiles.

I get choppy video too…I also find the app opens up on my phone randomly.

Amazon reviews for this are pretty scathing, and note that video “streams” to and from Samsung, not any direct URL.

I say streams with quotes because there’s apparently a lot of bandwidth trouble with Samsung and this feature.

Though the manual says it will upload directly to YouTube. And the manual notes this has an ethernet port.

Your wireless router has to support WPS “one touch” network authentication, or it has to be an open network. Or ethernet.

While it’s certainly not something I’m capable of doing, I wonder if it’s possible to spoof the samsung cloud server with DNS entries, sort of like how PlexConnect enables Plex inside the AppleTV’s Trailers app.

Thanks Nicholas_B! This is encouraging and only makes sense if Samsung is serious about this category… I just picked up this cam today at Costco for $109 while it’s on sale. I don’t mind waiting a couple months for them to integrate this much improved camera into SmartThings! Well, to me the improvement is that it’s smaller (discrete), black (blends with my home), and less expensive than the Smartcam HD Pro. Now if Samsung can also improve the software for these cameras, we’ll have a big WIN!

I love how Smartthings does not support Samsung newest offerings. Especially when live video monitoring was a big driver in the V2 hub.


They got me good! I was at Costco yesterday and saw these. I totally mistook them for a black version of the Pro’s. I bought 5 of them…

I’m setting up a brand new ST system and have honestly gone nuts lol 6 smart sensors, 4 motion, 2 locks, easily 12 switches and a handful of outlets. These were the next big phase for me but I don’t know if I’m willing to bet over $500 on these… What if they never integrate them? What if they take 6 months…

After this I was going to focus on integrating roomie and then somehow wiring a blaster to raise and lower my motorized shades.

What do you guys think? Is it fairly certain they’ll integrate these? I’d rather stick with this new model if that’s the case.

Bought one of these yesterday at Costco for $109 with a 16gb sd card, which felt like a steal. I already have the older model, the SmartCam Pro SNH-P6410 - the bigger white one (which is supported by ST v2, but doesn’t do much in the system, honestly). I’d wanted to add maybe 2 of the new black SmartCam Plus model to get more coverage and I prefer the less noticeable, smaller black form factor.

So far, I’ve been pretty unimpressed with this and I understand why it’s getting bad reviews on Amazon. For starters, the SmartCam app is clunky, but I already knew that. Adding the 2nd camera was easy, but I’ve found that it has really poor wifi reception, giving it limited range.

I placed the new black cam where the older white one had been, working without any problems, for the last 3 months. The new Plus camera constantly dropped its signal and wouldn’t connect to the wifi once it had been set up. It’s maybe 40 feet from my router. Very close to my Apple TV and XBox, both of which have zero problems streaming over wifi.

Just to make sure that was the culprit, I moved it to the other side of the room, maybe 15-20 feet closer to the hub (which is not an ideal location for me). It works fine there. Ultimately, having really bad wifi range is going to be a problem in my setup. So now I’m trying to figure out whether I should see if a firmware update could possibly help fix this or if I should take advantage of Costco’s generous return policy and invest in a different camera system altogether.

I think I’ll give it the month of January and I’ll let you know if I see any improvement.