Smartcam HD Pro feature support

So I recently took the plunge and got the v2 hub and 5-6 things, one of which was the Samsung Smartcam. Integration was balky at first, but now works great. However, I feel like two important features of the camera are missing within SmartThings:

  1. the ability for the camera’s motion detection to be used
  2. the ability to record to and watch from the camera’s memory card

Those things work great within the Samsung app, but it seems like it defeats the purpose to have to use a separate app. I feel these are two big selling points of the camera that now are useless, so it’s like the camera “works” with SmartThings (imagine air quotes)…

Any chance this will be coming down the pike?


also support for the outdoor camera 6440 cannot get it to work at all with smartthing but works in the Samsung camera app

I’d like to see the app use the camera’s motion sensor feature. Makes absolutely no sense to me to have a separate motion sensor trip the camera when it’s already built in.

I did notice while using the old version of the app (because it doesn’t crash like app 2.x ever every 2-3 minutes) that the SmartCam HD Pro SmartApp is listed under SmartThings Labs. That tells me it’s still a work in progress app and that this feature may someday show up. Some day…

Agreed. Just got the v2 hub and was very disappointed that you can’t use the Smartcam’s motion detection to trigger events/notification.

Has anyone tried this? He mentioned being able to enable/disable the motion detection:
Samsung SmartCam: SNH-P6410BN, SNH-E6440BN and SNH-1011ND (+WWW Digest auth) (tested and working)

bmather9 said it worked for him, anyone else tried it? It’s odd that Samsung owns SmartThings and yet default integration with their own product is (so far) lacking.

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Agree that this would be useful. I notice the smartcam app is a bit of a power hog on my phone but without it integrating it’s motion sensor I feel I have to keep both running.

Are you saying that in order for the motion alert to be tripped you would have a seperate motion sensor and can not use the built in one that comes with the camera?

Unfortunately that is true. In Smart Home Monitor, a separate motion sensor tripped via the Security portion, or a custom action, will cause video to be recorded; but right now the camera’s built in motion sensor isn’t used by SmartThings (yet).

The native Samsung app called SmartCam by Samsung Techwin obviously uses the built in motion sensor, but ST doesn’t right now.

It does natively use the motion, but I don’t see a way to turn on/off notifications without going into the app every time I come and go.

While I’m on the subject of this camera:

  1. I don’t see an option to turn off the big green power light.
  2. iOS requires me to enter a camera password, even if my samsung credentials are saved. Android does not require the camera password.
  3. In the SHM app - there is a button for full screen to watch video incidents, but the button does nothing.


I didn’t see where SmartThings uses the motion sensor in the SmartApp (SmartCam HD Pro) used to install the camera. Can you explain where you set that up outside of SHM? This is what I see for the device:

You can’t through SmartThings (same issue as the motion sensor). Use the SmartCam phone app to change that setting. That’s what I do:

Seems like a way for ST to charge more in order to use the motion sensor capability, by necessitating the purchase of a sensor.

What I was hopeful for is someway to get a sensor installed outside which would cover my driveway. If motion were to be dected, the camera would engage and alert would be sent to my phone.

Problem from what I read is no reliable outdoors sensor exists. All of them seem to be filled with generating a bunch of false alerts.

Does anyone have a solution for this?

Sorry I wasn’t clear. I was agreeing with you that the samsung app does natively use the motion. But that you can’t disable notification with presence.

Your app looks different than mine, I don’t see those options. I’m on android also and the app is called SmartCam. How are you navigating to that?

Cool, got it, thanks!

I’m on an Android phone as well. a Samsung Note 4 specifically. The SmartCam app version is v2.50. Here’s where you can find those settings:

Go to your list of cameras, and then tap on this:

And then this:

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Wow totally missed that. I thought that was a tool for dragging cameras into a different order. I was only using the big gear at the top. Thanks!

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To your knowledge has anyone including yourself brought this to the attention of ST support?

Support confirmed the need to use sensors within ST to trigger camera recording so I guess the real question is if anyone in development understands the need to use the cameras motion instead? BTW, the native camera motion and recording still works within the Samsung App.

Does anyone know a way to see media/video in the cloud other than through the App itself?

A future version of our integration should include motion support, but for now an additional sensor is needed.

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It doesn’t like Chrome or MS’s new Edge, but it does work in IE.


John, does that also work for ST Cloud video from SHM? I do already use that link for live and video stored on SD card.

@hhirsch, ah OK, I understand now - app being ST’s app. If you have some type of event, you’ll get a clip that you can watch in SHM, but it’s what ST has stored, not what’s stored in the SD or Samsung’s service. I believe that to be true.