Configuring Hubs and Devices on different network to installation

Hi all,

Currently configuring a batch amount of hubs which will eventually be installed in multiple homes. I am setting up the hubs and pairing devices in my home on my home network using an Ethernet connection.

Installing the hub in someone else’s home using an ethernet connection seems to function correctly by just powering the hubs and connecting an ethernet cable.

When a Wi-Fi connection is used however, switching from one Wi-Fi network to another it doesn’t seem to be possible without a factory reset which will delete all the devices connected to the hub. Switching from Ethernet to Wi-Fi does not seem to be possible either, I have tried the suggestions in this forum but no luck.

There is a “Change device Wi-Fi” option in the mobile app but it is greyed out the same as @julianchua explains in this post.

Has anyone ever been able to successfully implement switching the hubs network without resetting the hub and losing all connected devices?