Change the hub from Wlan to wired lan

Can the procedure to change the hub to different Wlan also make it possible to use wired lan and disable Wlan? Does the hub reset (by the wifi change guide) mess up any settings?

To switch from wifi to ethernet, all you need to do is plug in the cable. The hub will show as connected to both if you were to look in your router’s devices listing, but it’s setup to prefer using ethernet if it’s available.

If you’re following the instructions here (/in the app after following those instructions) to update your hub’s wifi settings, it won’t reset the hub or change/erase any unrelated settings.


Thanks, but the Ethernet port on my hub does not have any signs of life, no lights at all when the cable is connected. I tought it’s disabled while using Wifi… My laptop works fine on same cable/connection so it should be good. Have to investigate further. Regarding the guides linked, those settings are close but not 100% similar I have on my app. I have “Change device Wi-Fi network”, and that asks me to reset the hub with pin.

Try blowing out any dust. Maybe it is clotted a bit in there?


Thank you both, I got it working. One port on my trusty old switch is faulty somehow. Switching to another port solved the problem. Now I can see the wired connection in my router and wired connection IP is the one appearing in IDE.