Compatible Radiator Valves (UK)

Are there any compatible radiator valves for SmartThings. I don’t need to use any thermostat just a pure radiator valve like the LightWave ones.

These look like they may work but I’m not sure if you have to use the Thermostat?

There’s a community-developed device type for the danfoss living connect TRV. Search the forum and you should be able to find the thread. I’m not sure if it’s working 100%.

As far as I know, no one’s developed a device handler for the StellaZ TRV.

What do you mean you don’t need to use a thermostat? What calls for heat from the boiler/pump?

Are you just using these for a couple of rooms to replace TRV’s?

My boiler isn’t connected up to a thermostat - it’s just a simple on/off (so timed to come on in the evening). I’d like to use timers to then control which radiators come on and when so yes just using these in two room replace the TRVs.

My concern was that there is still somewhere for the water to bypass if the radiators are closed. In case of failure of the devices and the radiators are off, the pump will still need somwhere to shift the water, or the boiler may overheat.

Another possibility is a couple of Evohome valves and the controller, then link that to smartthings. Though that is undoubtedly going to cost a lot more than just two zwave valves, as it will require the controller connecting to the boiler too.

So each radiator has a bypass which means that water still flows around the system even if a radiator is closed. So the current set up is four radiators in the property, each can be turned on or off, when it is off the water just bypasses that radiator and moves to the next.

I want to minimise hubs so I think just two zwave valves is best - do you have experience of any?


No experience of zwave valves, just evohome. But a bit of experience of plumbing.

It depends if you have a one pipe system or two. It may be that if all the radiators are closed, there is still a bypass, usually a towel radiator or similar. Just before you go fiting smart valves to each radiator, you may want to check with a plumber that you can do it without causing any problems for the rest of the system.

In a one pipe setup like the one below, you could indeed turn off all the radiators and the water still has somewhere to go.

But, if you have a two pipe system similar to the one below and nothing like a towel radiator to allow bypass, then if you turn off all the radiators (or your smart system does), the water has nowhere to go.

Aa OK. Yes I have like number 1 as my current radiators have individual
valves and when turned off the water still flows - thank you!

looked at these? There is a smartapp for TADO stuff, not sure if this valve is part of the integration as it is fairly new.

I wrote the Tado integration for ST and now have three of these valves. The Tado heating device type works well with these valves for setting the temps etc…


Do you need any extra equipment with the valves?

They look quite cool - what are the full list of features you can do with them?

You don’t need extra equipment no, everything you need is in the box if you buy the two valve starter kit which includes the bridge. If you but the separate valves you apparently need the bridge. However I did note that the valves operate on the 898 mhz band which makes me think they are zwave… But I haven’t tried pairing them direct to ST and won’t either now they are in place. But all you can do is set the temperature and the valve will open and close to best maintain that temp when the heating circuit is active

I have a Tado Thermostat and find that the Tado app is fully programmable so you can set up different temps, for days and times. It also knows when you are away and stops heating.
I do not have the radiator valves so I’m afraid I cannot comment on them.
As for the above Tado Heating app I have had a look at it but not tried it.
Perhaps I should have a look to see if it can offer me more.

@bobbles the reason i use the ST integration above and beyond the Tado App only, is twofold. better home/away detection and more options for temperature control as i can use all my temp reading from my various devices to control the heating. even with the radiator valves on radiators in the rooms that spike hottest when the heating circuit is on i still have areas of my house that heat unevenly so when these areas get too hot it turns off the heating circuit until the temp drops by 2 deg then resumes heating etc… this results in a far evenly and comfortably heated house.
one thing worth pointing out is that i dont rate the heating algorithm of tado it did not save me as much money as they stated. in fact after installing Tado during the first winter the consumption increased as it was asking to draw heat more frequently than my existing thermostat. with my algorithm for both my heating and air conditioning i am saving about 30% on my bills.

that is something also worth pointing out in regards to tado’s air conditioning it only switches on and off the air conditioner when the timing is triggered. even if the temps go well above or below the threshold it never shuts off the air conditioner until the timer expires, so in fact the marketing around their Tado Cooling product is misleading IMHO and when it was first being crowdfunded they mentioned room presence so switching on/off air conditioning only when the room was occupied this also never materialized.

and if you use Alexa the native Tado Alexa integration is extremely poor, but using my device type with Ask Alexa app i can leverage full control including powering on and off my air conditioning and heating by voice as well as get the current temp and set a set point etc… this part works extrememly well. just need to say Alexa ask Tado* to turn on/off the Air conditioning etc… and i can also just by telling alexa to turn on the air conditioning it will evaluate the current temp and activate the Cooling / Heating / Auto mode and change the fan speed to reflect the temperature differential between the current temp and set point. (* Since i only use ST now only for my Heating requirements the Ask Alexa app wake word is set to Tado)

these are all possibilities when using ST to control your heating rather than Tado in which you absolutely have no control of when it is in the Tado schedule mode. my heating and valves and cooling are all in Manual mode at all times and controlled solely by voice and ST

I’m in the UK so I don’t have air-conditioning installed. We only need it twice a year. :grin:

I will take a closer look at your app and give it a whirl.

As a matter of interest I had issues with overheating in the early days. After several calls to Tado support they played with the algorithm and seems to have sorted it.

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I have an Air Source Heat pump which heats as well as cools its in my conservatory so can normalize the temps in the conservatory so it can be used all year round…decent air conditioners have this functionality these days where the compressor can be reversed to allow heating as well. the bonus of this you get with my system 5KW of heating for usually 0.8KW or less and works well down to temps of around -5 before it struggles to maintain a comfortable 23 deg which will see the maximum power usage hit 1.2KW colder than -5 that and the temps start dropping gradually down to about 15Deg C on the coldest day two years ago when we hit -9 in my area.

yup but that’s my point, Tado are moving to a service provider model because they do rent out their kit…but after a failure of my Heating and Extension kit i was left baffled i had no control of getting my heating up and had no heating for 5 days for what was a software glitch and no visibility to fix myself

I use standard on/off mains driven valves and SmartThings outlets. Around 50 quid per Radiator. Not cheap, but works really well, and coupled with the Hive app gives me very close control over my heating.

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I am using these for my radiators.

I am also the developer of the integration between these eTRV and Smartthings and they work very well with ST. It does require another hub to work with ST though.

Can you flip the display on the Tado’s? I’m thinking about getting a couple but given the position of my valves the display would be upside down.

I believe they are 6LoWPAN.

They are nice looking valves - are they noisy when changing flow ? OK for a bedroom for example ?
The evoHome ones sometimes wake us up !