Smartthings / Fibaro Radiator Valve / Thermometer

Hi there,
My apologies if I am asking something asked before, but I have searched and not really found any answers.

I am a new user of Smartthings. I live in Holland, a land where officially smartthings isn’t supported. However, it seemed to be the hub of choice when reading all reviews, hence we purchased it and are happy with it so far.

We have just purchased a new Fibaro Radiator Valve and have some questions.
We have no boiler in the home, our hot water comes from a hot water grid (Stadsverwarming). So we just need to turn the radiators on and off and not worry about boilers.

With smartthings, we can turn the radiators on and off using the new Fibaro radiator valve, however we would also like to be able to control the temperature rather than just turning it on and off… the valve itself has an inbuilt temperature sensor (But smartthings doesnt see it) and the valve also came with a remote temperature senson (bluetooth between the valve and sensor), again, it’s designed really for using it with Fibaros own hub.

My question really is - does anyone know of a way that we can maintain a temperature (using a thermometer) instead of just turning it on and off? We have considered using a samsung smartthings multipurpose sensor (zigbee) to try to to set up an action where (if temperature is low and phone is in region, turn on heater)… is this possible using this sensor? I’d actually prefer to stick to the z-wave protocol (but there is little official support for any thermometer sensor, we have been considering the aetec multiporpose sensor) again, with the ability to create a flow where we can turn on the heater when phone enters a range and temperature is < XX F/C

I’d love to hear your thoughts and help someone that is totally overwhelmed with the options and lack of official options…

Many thanks for your time!


Does anyone know that if I purchase the Fibaro Motion Sencor (Zwave plus), if I would be able to use the temperature from this sensor to trigger an action, which would turn on the Fibaro Radiator Thermostat (And turn it off again when a certain temperature was reached?)


hey @AG9863 any luck with a DTH?

Would these work for steam heat radiators in North America? It looks like they go on the end where the vents would be — is that what these do, replace the vents at the output end of a radiator? (And not the actual valves at the input side)? Would love to get programmable vents to integrate into ST.


Yes they are thermostats that fits a M30 x 1.5 valve.
They come with 2 adapters for RA-N and RTD-N valves.

If your home is fittet with other valves you need to get creative with a 3rd party adapter

Hm. I have these Varivalves on all my radiators – will this be a direct replacement?

I created DTH for Radiator Valve here in case you’re still intereseted

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