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Compatible Radiator Valves (UK)

They aren’t particularly noisy. I’ve not been woken up. But you do hear the motor when you listen for it. Probably about the same volume as my fish tank aerator pump.

If I purchase the valve kit, can I use the bridge and mobile app without the thermostat? All it does is open and close the valves, correct?

@Aaron_Fisher Sorry for the late reply. Yes that would work fine. The valves will regulate heat to keep a set temperature, which was something I needed for my living room as it always heated far more than the rest of the house. But without the thermostat they will be unable to call for heat from the boiler if the temp drops below your set temp.

Can the internal temperature sensor on the Tado valve be queried by the ST hub?

I am in the UK and looking for something similar, rather than starting a new topic I wondered if someone could help here?

I am looking for ST controlled rad valves that ideally dont need a hub. I would like to turn off the radiator in the front room when the room reaches a certain temp but leave the rest of the house on. Reason being that this room warms up much quicker and gets hot so we turn the heating off but it would be nice to still heat the bedroom.

We have an energenie hub at the minute, but as the plugs arent the most reliable I am considering getting rid of this. Are the rad valves more reliable than the plugs? i.,e do they turn on and off when they should? Or is there something better out there?

These work well with Smartthings. Effectively they have a thermostat on them that will turn on and off depending on temperature. The only thing is you can’t use them to report back the temperature to SmartThings but does mean you can individually control each radiator.
Z-Wave Danfoss LC-13 Living Connect Radiator Thermostat

No. The radiator valves are just as unreliable. I’ve just ditched my Hive and Energenie Combo (using CORE to make it “smart”) in favour of Tado which just works by itself. I plan to pick up a few zwave switches to replace those I had with Energenie.

I’ve been using the Popp TRV directly with SmartThings for a year now. It’s effectively the same as the Danfoss LC13 but reports the temperature back to the hub. I can recommend it.

I use it with the device handler linked here.


That’s more expensive than the Danfoss and uses the Danfoss DTH anyway?

I have the Tado smart thermostat in the hall and five of the Tado radiator TVRs. Generally the Tado system works quite well, however the TVRs eat through batteries and the algorithm they use to detect the temperature when the radiator is hot is awful. They regularly report the temperature of the room being +6C just by the virtue of the temp sensor being so close to the source of hear. If you then calibrated the temperature down 6deg, when the radiator is cold the measured temp is wrong again.

In the last week I have also got two TVRs that have lost the open/Close calibration resulting in the TVR not pushing the valve pin in enough to stop water flow to the radiator.

I’m currently testing out a Fibaro Heat Controler TVR with temperature being measured by a Netatmo sensor via Smartthings. It seems quite good but may be a little loud.

Also testing out controlling our Ensuite Tado TVR via smart things, however I don’t really understand what is controlling what when any more. It’s the Tado schedule taking control from Smartthings when the schedule changes or is smartthings going to retain control?


@Phil_Pugh Look at Fibaro? I’m testing. One at the moment and it looks promising.
They are rechargeable from usb, look smart and don’t have an onboard temp sensor (it would be incorrect anyway, just by virtue of being to close to the source of the heat).

I’m a little concerned the motor operation might be too noisy


As the colder weather is coming now it’s time to look at this again… we have the heating to come on early when wife is on an early shift but bedroom gets too hot and wakes me up anyway! I want to shut off the bedroom radiator at night…

are these the ones you are using?

Hi @Phil_Pugh,

It’s complicated.

We have a Tado system with a wall thermostat in the hall, then radiator valves in the lounge, bedroom and en-suite bathroom. The Tado wall thermostat works very well. The radiator valves however have an issue where when the radiator is cold the temperature sensors thinks it’s colder than it is, and when the radiator is hot they think to room is 26deg.

No amount of messing about with the calibration of the valves has helped. The valves themselves are a very well built, mechanically sound product (apart from batteries not lasting long). It is the temperature sensor algorithm that is awful.

So, in the lounge and bedroom we also have Netatmo Weather Station modules. For the lounge I have linked Tado to Smartthings then used the Thermostat Mode Director Smart app to control the valves. This means that I didn’t have to buy another expensive Tado wall thermostat just to control the lounge, but, because the Lounge valves talk to the Hall thermostat they can ‘call for heat’ and get the boiler fired up even if all the other rooms don’t need heat.

Upstairs, our top floor gets much much hotter than the other two floors. In the bedroom, the radiator has a Fibaro Heat Controller Valve which is controlled by another running instance of “Thermostat Mode Controller” smart app using the Netatmo temperature sensor. This all works really well…until the router crashes or the internet is down.

The Fibaro unit is very nice. Well build and most importantly rechargeable using micro USB. Charge seems to last about four months ish I think. It works well with Smartthings, however, because it is not linked to the hall thermostat it cannot ‘call for heat’. It will open the radiator valve, but we only get heat if the heating is already running. For us, that is fine. The room is normally warm enough in the evening and the heating is already running in the mornings.

The Fibaro valves is noisier than the Tado. It’s not awful, just louder.

Ultimately I’m looking to move away from Smartthings. I am finding that the need for an internet connection to ensure anything works is annoying. I’m trying Hubitat, which is promising but much geekier and a younger platform.

Hope this helps.


Thanks Tim,

I too have started to look at hubitat, I have been doing some research but not yet got involved.

We use our own temperature sensors around the house so have no need for a temperature sensor in the valve itself. I just want to be able to turn of certain valves based on certain criteria

Here I have a Eurotronic Spirit valve, Z-wave, for €40 now.

There is a DTH for the valve.

Eurotronic Spirit

Installed the app Thermostat Mode Control

Grtn Ben

Do you have a guide how to get Tado radiator to work with samsumg smartthings because i cant find any information about it:(

I don’t believe Tado themselves do an official Smart App but there is this one - [RELEASE] Tado (Connect)

As far as I can see it supports all the Tado products.

It does support all device types, but is only compatible with smartthings classic. instructions on how to configure this are contained in the Readme of the github repo