Code already registered. Invitation from owner needed to use this hub

Brad, I’m having the same issue. Ticket# 1165474.

Brad, I have the same issue. Ticket# 107497501 Thanks

Are you trying to reset the hub because you are missing devices in the app? I re-synced your location so that shouldn’t be necessary. If still want to reset your hub you sign into and go to hubs and delete the hub from there if it won’t reset physically.

Just seeing this message. Are you all set now?

I am set, thank you so much!

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Support ticket #1167618. I have the same error that I cannot register my hub, and I did not transfer over to the new app, as I was in the middle of a move then. Can you help?

Oh my gosh mine will not do! Just hung up w samsung. Can you help? Sth eth 200 sn: 3000176298

Hello I’m new here not sure if you need my devices serial number but I’m getting this same message about having to ask the owner after I’ve done a reset. Please help? Thank you!

@Brad_ST HI Brad having same issue with code showing already registered I have serial and welcome code if you need. Thanks

Try hard resetting the hub. have it connected to the internet by cable, remove power, depress recessed reset button and hold pressed while reconnecting power, keep holding the reset button while you see the yellow led on the front flickering and then changing to a solid yellow, after about 30 seconds release the reset button. you should see the front led light turn magenta (pulling down the latest firmware) and blue. when it finally settles after about 10 mins then it should be ready.

Having exact same issue ‘code already registered’
Tried factory reset as well but it goes through all the colours but does not go to the red & green flashing ones in order for me to see it and add it,
Sent details to support and the ticket number is 1191427
If @Brad_ST can help

This is a v2 hub so it won’t go red/green. The hub is unclaimed on our end though so can you try adding it again?

Yes more info is needed. A support ticket is even better :slight_smile:

Morning @Brad_ST
Well what ever you did it now all works and the code was now accepted without the ‘invertation needed’ message,
Many thanks for the speedy response and resolving this for me,

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Im having the same issue. @Brad_ST can you please help? My support ticket #1256847

Are you still having an issue? It looks like you were able to reset and re-add the hub.

My serial number is #3000394308 - I am getting the same error message as others on here (Code already registered. Invitation from owner needed to be use this hub).
Support request ticket number is # 1262685
Please help

@Brad_ST Hoping you can assist me as well. Tried resetting my hub and when I try entering my welcome code I’m faced with the dreaded message “Code already registered. Invitation from owner needed to use this hub.”

SN #: 3000260561

Support Ticket #: 1267372

Would really appreciate your help.

I have reset my Smartthings V2 hub, and am getting the dreaded “claim your hub” error. Can’t get it to reconnect. I get to having a green light, but it wants a 6 year old Welcome Code.My S/N is 3000228028

Same issue here. I have factory reset the hub, tried different network cables, even reset the modem, but nothing. Sometimes the green network light on the back of the hub comes on, but most of the time it can take a few minutes to hours after it’s being reset. The app is of no help because of the “code already registered” display. I’ve emailed support but I only get one email a day from them and when I do, is just basic stuff like make sure cable is plugged in all the way, insert new batteries, etc.