Lost 'Welcome code' ST Hub v2


So I’ve factory reset my Smartthings Hub v2 and don’t have the welcome code to re-setup the device. I’ve tried to contact Samsung/Smartthings and I’m am getting no where, can anyone advise?


How have you tried? In the UK it is basically support@smartthings.co.uk or nothing but in other countries there are other options via the app, chat or phone.

It’s not usually a big deal. They just need the serial number. You can send a photo of it as proof of ownership but that is only really needed when it is still linked to someone else’s account.

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I have emailed that email address, spent an hour on the phone to Samsung with their technicians getting very confused and tried the webchat bot but that just says no advisors are available when it can’t help.

Hopefully I get a response to my email too, thanks for the info!

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