Classic app update

My classic app just updated(?) and now it’s forcing me to login again, but I need the Code (which I don’t have). The new app works fine and I am able to access my system.

Galaxy Note 9

google store does not show any recent updates for the classic app --> Updated September 28, 2018

check for multiple Locations and if more than one, change to the other Location and I bet your hub/devices will show up :slight_smile:

But the classic app is asking me to login. How can I change locations if I can’t login?

Log in with your Samsung account. Email and password. As you would use it for the IDE.

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That’s what I did, but it’s asking for the code, which I can’t find.

The issue was was that I was using the app just fine a few minutes earlier, then when I tried to access the app 10 minutes later I get the opening splash screen and a login request.

Why did it do that? And how can I gain access to the app without having to do a factory reset?

Have you tried uninstalling the app? And when it comes back click on returning/existing user, then login with the new app’s credentials?

It gives me that option now, which I click on and enter my login information, then it asks for “the code”.

again, check for multiple Locations and simply change to the other Location in the app. or login to IDE and set the location with the hub as the default location.

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You want me to change locations from the classic app? Because if so, I can’t access it because it logged me out.

And what “locations”?

If you are being prompted for the hub code, then you would appear to be logged into the app. I posted a link above which shows you how to find if you have multiple locations. So let’s try again,

  1. login to IDE at
  2. click on My Locations
  3. if you have more than one Location listed then that is what is causing your issue. You will need to remove the empty location. Instructions are in the link I posted earlier.
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Not according to my account on the Google play store. Latest is 2.17 dated September 27, 2018.

Are you on a beta or early release channel? Android or iOS?


Yup, but looks like I’m in a beta (which I completely forgot about!):



I do not know what you are talking about LOL. @HalD, you were right!

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App migration tool? Is anyone allowed to talks about that? Anyone know anything about that?

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The person from tech support had me click the “new user” option because he said it would recognize my Samsung account and auto-login with my account. That worked. Who would have thought to select “new user” when I’m obviously not.

Then there’s the issue of the app restarting completely and forcing me to login in the first place…

Thanks for your help.


No more info than that provided so far…

We can, but not sure about anything/anyone official from ST saying too much (yet)…

A sign of the end times I guess for the good old and reliable, but clumsy, Classic app.


That’s what I really figure too, but there’s always a small part of me that perks up whenever I see “migration tool”. :joy:


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