Classic App Won’t Login

Hey all…The classic app just logged me off, and now when I try to log back in, it takes my creds and just returns to the startup screen. I know the login was successful because I get an email from Samsung telling me a new login occurred.

I haven’t been migrated to the new app yet, but I did convert my old account to a Samsung account many months ago.

Is anyone having similar issues?


Same issue…

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Ha! I JUST posted same issue. Exact same problem.

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:rage: Ditto… No logon, just loops after email field

I am able to login into the IDE, so I’m guessing some issue for mobile side of authentication.

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Some users with Samsung accounts may be experiencing intermittent problems signing into or signing out of the new and Classic SmartThings apps and the developer portal. Users already logged into the apps with a Samsung account may potentially see errors when navigating in the app or controlling devices. We will provide updates on the issue as they are available.

Posted 2 minutes ago. Jan 06, 2019 - 22:01 EST

This incident affects: Mobile App Connectivity (North America) and Developer Tools.

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Good to know. Can’t login to the new app either. Thought i’d try it because classic wasn’t working.

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At least they seem to be on top of it - a little scary, but …

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Working now

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Me too same exact issue

Did this happen again? I logged out of smartthings classic to hopefully fix my presence and now I can’t login. It wants to use my samsung account and when it loads up as if I as signed in… everything is gone.

check in IDE to see if you have two Home locations

Sure do… Do I delete the one with no devices etc? If so how would I go about doing that?

go to #2 in the following thread…

You are awesome! Thank you so much

I know this is an old thread… I have recently had the same issue. The problem I had was that I have a VPN. When it is running it won’t let me log in. As soon as I turn it off… PRESTO logged in just fine!