Where do i get the code?

I have a gen 1 hub, and the app forced me to upgrade to the samsung app. Now it wants the code to my hub, which for some reason didn’t automatically get tranferred. Where is this code? I originally bought a display model and had it reset when i first got smartthings, but i don’t know if that’s relevant.

nobody is being forced to the new app yet. Check this out for troubleshooting classic

i’m being forced. When i try to log in, i get redirected to samsung’s login page on the web. It doesn’t matter if i use the old or new app. If i use my samsung credentials, my hub doesn’t show up.

read the link i posted. You probably have a duplicate location and just need to change to the other location.

I can’t change anything. I can’t get into my smartthings account any more. It forces me to log into samsung.
I can see everything on developer.smartthings.com.

You porobably have two home locations at this point. Try changing location in the app and your stuff should appear. To remove the empty location, follow the instructions in the link posted above.

ok i finally got some results. The classic app doesn’t work at all anymore but i’m getting my devices to show up in the new one.

Change location in your classic app

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well the website is showing two “home” locations. It refuses both on the mobile and the web to allow me to delete the 2nd one. How do i switch locations in the old app?

actually thanks to you i finally got the old app to work but i still have that 2nd home location that’s undeletable. I suppose i’ll have to have support delete it. I’ve had issues similar to that in the past.

Support can remove it for you. Also, there are instructions in the link above.

The forced change was a change to the Samsung account, NOT the Samsung app. Even though your account is now at account.samsung.com, the old Classic app should still be perfectly functional. Or you can use both the old Classic and the new Connect apps picking and choosing what you want to do with each. You may find that functionality in the new Connect app is somewhat limited.