Classic App Deleted Everything?

So I got an email to migrate to the new app so I tried to get into the Classic App like the instructions said. It made me log in again and then hung multiple times because it couldn’t fetch country information. When the app finally got to the home screen, everything in my setup is gone. Is there any way to retrieve this? I have Fibaro controllers and other switches that were a bear to get to work the first time, now all of that and all of my automations are gone.

Contact ST support and let them investigate.

2 things to try:
Logout of new app or Classic and log back in.
Check to see if you may have two locations now and switch to the other.

Thanks. Logging in and out doesn’t change, and it only shows one location with no hub connected.

Contact ST support. It may be you just need the data synced to the new app. Or the conflict with countries on your Samsung account (most likely)

Thanks, I hope that’s the case. It’ll be pretty discouraging if I have to start from nothing.

Are you logging in with your legacy SmartThings login or the new Samsung login?

New Samsung login for me. I opened my wife’s Smartthings Classic app and everything is still there, thankfully. There’s an option for her to update the account so I suspect she’s logged in with the legacy SmartThings login. I’m afraid to click the update. Also, her app doesn’t have the banner at the top to migrate to the new app, which I suspect would be one way to fix this.

The classic app will now only accept the Samsung login, so I’m especially afraid to do anything with my wife’s app.

You really don’t need to use the button to migrate. Almost everything in the Classic app automatically shows up in the new app. The migration just does 4 things as outlined here. If you do these yourself you don’t need to “migrate”.

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Thanks, downloaded the new app and there’s nothing in it so it hasn’t been migrated.

At the minimum the new app will show all the devices and smartapps that are installed in your Classic app. If you don’t see that check your login (using the same on both and they’re both Samsung and not SmartThings) and you’re using the same location on both apps. If still don’t see if you may need to contact support.

Yup, same login, I have to set a location because there isn’t one in either app. Nothing is in either app.

There should be atleast 1 one location. All your devices, settings, apps etc exist on the cloud. The apps are just different ways (UI) to access them. You need atleast one location (since each device needs a location). If you don’t have a single location then that may be your issue.

Ok, the location is ‘My home,’ the default, with no geolocation set. No hub is connected.

Thanks for the suggestions guys, tech support got back to me and we’re working it. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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I’m not sure how useful Smartthings tech support was after all. They did not seem to be able to migrate my settings on their end. My Classic app continued to only have a default location with no sign of the location and settings I built.

My wife’s Classic app still had everything, so I updated her account information to a Samsung account. Initially that gave an error message, but restarting the app and going through the process again it succeeded. Her Classic app still didn’t offer the option to migrate the settings to the new app. I checked back in my Classic app and suddenly our location showed up and I could select it and migrate it successfully.

I don’t know if that was a result of my actions in my wife’s app or what. The instructions I got from Smartthings support just told me to go through the actions as if my location was present when I showed them screenshots that it wasn’t. They gave no indication they were doing anything on their end except repeating the most basic instructions.