Using Both new and old apps

I have struggled to find an answer for this, but I have a complex setup with a lot of custom device handlers. I have seen numerous comments that some dont work in the new app. I wondered if installing the new app to see what happens will mess anything up?
Thanks for advice

it will not mess anything up. just know the differences once it comes to the standard smart apps.


Really appreciated. Thanks for advice.

I still have DTHs that are not working in the new app. Probably will never get them working in the new app.

So far the one thing it can mess up is Geopresence if you are using that specific device as a presence sensor. I know it affects iOS devices, I’m not sure about android.

Basically presence detection of an iOS device will not work properly in the new V3 app if you have both apps installed on that device. It will work OK if you have the V3 app on one device and the classic on a different device on the same account. So you can use both, it’s just that having both on the same iOS device currently causes presence in the V3 app to glitch.

I think that’s the current issue, I didn’t run into it myself.


Ok thats fine, presence was so unreliable on the classic App I never used it anyway. We are an all Android family so maybe that will be an improvement. Lets see what works…

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