Cheapest Plug that allows power metering

Just wondering which plug people would suggest for the UK with power metering???

I have a situation where I want the plug to monitor power usage of my raspberry pi, if the power usage drops below 2 watts for example the plug senses this and turns the power off to the device.

I am hoping I can achieve this through CoRE something along the lines of if raspberry pi 3 usage is below 2watts then set raspberry pi 3 to off.

Lowe’s iris plug if they still have the old ones.

Isn’t Lowes an American company can’t find any UK plugs anyway?

Oh sorry about that.

No problem wish we had some of the great deals you get across the pond

Best deal are the tkb power sockets in the UK. They are available as a 5 pack for 129 so roughly £26 each. Nearly half the price of an official smartthings one.

Thanks but the ones with power monitoring are £161 for a pack of 5 are they not? I am using a normal TKB switch but the ones with the meters in are quite a bit more just wondered if there was a better alternative

Yes you’re right. The ones I bought previously did have power metering but they were prior generation of zwave not plus. I assumed they were the same without looking properly.

Hi. Just curious if you managed to get the power metering to work. I read from somewhere else that the plug works but the metering show up.

energenie do them but you’d also need the hub. If your lucky, you can catch deals on Amazon.

These are £20:

And there’s a thread here that indicates they work with the standard “Z-Wave Metering Switch”


I can confirm that the “Greenwave 1 Port PowerNode” plugs DO support power monitoring - you just have to make a change on the online IDE page.

I bought a set of 10 from vesternet - you connect them to your hub (I set all mine on the black colour on the ring on each plug)

Then go here:

And change each one to a zwave monitoring switch.

And that’s it!

Monitoring on cheapest plugs you can buy :slight_smile:

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Just bought the 10 pk of these and having trouble with them already.

The socket registered fine.
But turning on/off the device isn’t updated in the iPhone app (even Energenie did this one).
And also cant get any reading off them regarding the monitoring (even turning the dial to the black segment).

Any idea what the heck I’m doing wrong?

Cheers in advance.

Update -

I removed the plug completely, then did it again.
All is well now! :slight_smile:

I found one which looks exactly the same with Fibaro smart power plug that I own.
It’s from aliexpress and you can get an adapter so as to work in UK.

Though,I am not sure if it actually works with Smartthings,but it’s z-wave.I asked the seller if it’s generic z-wave protocol so as to find out if there is any case it works with ST.

The company is called Coolcam

If you read in the aliexpress page it says it works with SmartThings!!!