EU outlets/plugs with energy monitoring?


I’m sure I’ve seen a topic regarding this previously but no matter what I search for on this forum or on Google I can’t find it - or any similar thread. I apologize in advance if this has been asked previously. If it has and you know where, kindly push me in the right direction.

In short, I’m looking for a power outlet that can monitor energy usage and show history of energy used. I’m assuming this is possible on the official Samsung Smartthings outlets (at least current use, any idea if it can show history and total consumption?) but they’re quite expensive at around €40 each, which adds up.

Are there any EU (not UK!) alternatives for it? IKEA Trådfri doesn’t have energy monitoring.


Aeotec and Fibaro both have zwave models on the EU frequency that can do this in several different plug styles, but they both cost more than the smartthings model. :disappointed_relieved:

Otherwise the TP Link Kasa WiFi pocketsocket might be an inexpensive alternative, but I don’t know if the energy monitoring is exposed to smartthings or not.

@GSzabados should know.


Unfortunately I am not really a help here, as I have the Osram, IKEA and SmartThings plugs. Only the SmartThings one is with measurements from all of those.

I am not aware of any cheap plugs with measurements functionality.

But look here for some options:

Indeed as @JDRoberts posted the same link, Vesternet is a good starting point to search for home automations equipment.


Actually, there is another product, what I have seen just recently. It is a Zigbee plug from Develco, supposedly should have metering, but Develco is looking for integrators at the moment.

Here you can buy it:


Or this one:

But look at this topic first:

There is a working DH for it.


Thanks for all the suggestions! Unfortunately they’re all as expensive as the official Samsung outlet (except the one from Gearbest, but with added shipping and customs it’s more expensive than the Samsung one).

It seems that the only proper solution here is to simply get the Smartthings outlet. I’ll take a closer look at the TP-Link Kasa though, since it is at least supported out-of-the-box in Smartthings, but it might not report energy usage to Smartthings.

Edit: The TP-Link Kasa HS110 unfortunately does not report energy usage to Smartthings, confirmed here by TP-Link support:

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Which country are you from?

This is in Poland, and definitely cheaper than the Samsung one:

Or Hungary:

Search for local stores…

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