Smart Plug recommendations?

(Rob MacMahon) #1

Hey Everyone,
I have bought a couple of Peanut controllers but I am not happy with them. They work fine, but I want to monitor some energy use. I get a TON of ads on Amazon for various plugs. Does anyone have any strong feelings about any certain brands of smart plugs? I want to make s better decision than I did with my Peanut purchase.


(Ron Talley) #2

I highly recommend the following:

Iris Smart Plug-Monitors kWhs as well.

Aeon Power Strip-This one is great as it has 4 plugs that all monitor power usage and 2 additional plugs that also monitor but are not switchable. Monitors kWhs as well. You need a custom app to expose the endpoints and keep things in sync.

The link to the App to create the Virtual Switches and to keep them in sync.


First question: are you in the US or the UK? The device selection available does vary considerably.

Next, were you looking for a specific protocol? Typically Z wave or zigbee. The reason is that pocketsockets (the name we use in the forum for the plug in modules, to distinguish them from in wall receptacles) typically act as repeaters for their own protocol, so they can strengthen your overall network if they are of the same protocol as your battery operated devices, like sensors.

WiFi works differently, so it’s not a factor one way or the other for your other devices except that having too many Wi-Fi devices can slow down your overall network.

The least expensive “works with Alexa” Devices will be cheap Wi-Fi units from China, but there are a number of reasons why you might prefer something else. See the following recent thread for discussion (this is a clickable link)

(Rob MacMahon) #4

I’m in the US. Standard 110v AC


Are you using many battery powered devices? These are most commonly sensors. If so, what protocol are they using (zigbee or zwave).

(Rob MacMahon) #6

The ones I would use would most likely be zwave if I can get them. Zigbees limits kind of lends itself to using them exclusively for smartbulbs. At least that is my current thought, but I am open to other ideas. I’m an old X-10 dog from way back so my thinking may be misinformed. :slight_smile:


I suggest you start by reading the following FAQ, it should clear up a lot of the basic questions. (This is a clickable link)

You might also find the following of interest:

After that, we can talk about what might work best for you specifically. :sunglasses:

(IG) #8

I bought this one and VERY happy with it.

(Pedro Lemos) #9

Does anyone knows any EU Smart Power strip with Energy measure…

Not us or AU Or UK but EU…

(Chris Hanley) #10

I have a couple of these from Monoprice and they work really good. I have a number of the door sensors, motion sensors and smart plugs from them also and they all work very well.

( - Make your home your butler!) #11

ZooZ has an excellent compact one the ZSE07 which also has a VERY cool and unique feature, a timer. You can set a timer to turn it off after X minutes or hours. This timer is built into the switch so it doesn’t depend upon ST’s cloud or internet connectivity to operate.

You will need a custom handler to use all the features through and if you have access to RBoy Apps check out this handler:

Monoprice has a very cost effective options available:

A new version is: