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Cheap Plugs? (UK) (zigbee or EU zwave)


Hi yannick, does that Z-wave plug also display power consumption in SmartThings?

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(Yannick Van Landeghem) #50


Yes it’s showing voltage, power consumption and amperage.

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(Zen) #51

I am using the zwave greenwave outlet and for such price it seems so far so good with community written device handler



Also got the Z-wave plugs from Gearbest. Works very great with the Dome On/Off device handler. Thank you yannick

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(Claudioita) #53

How is the power consumption shown? Can you make a screenshot?


(Mike) #54

I use the power nodes as well, bit bulky in size but there hidden away so no issue

if you buy 10 they work out at £17 each

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(Daniel) #55


How well is this behaving ?

Thank you.


(Stephen Hill) #56

This DTH that I created might be of some use to you who use the TKB TZ69E:


(Michael Waite) #57

Are you incorporating the EU plug into the UK sockets using euro plug adaptors? Or have I misunderstood your application?


(Phil Pugh) #58

I know this topic hasn’t been updated for 8 months but wondered what people are using currently? I have some greenwave powernodes that are great but no stock anywhere. it looks like the next best is the tkb tz68e which works well as i have a couple but are more expensive.

any others i should know about?


(Rui Soares) #59

I’m using the Salus SP600 they’re zigbee and very small.

They fit side by side on an extension cord.

Got them for 20£ each on ebay

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(Phil Pugh) #60

These look good, thanks for the suggestion.

I have just ordered a 10 pack of TK68e from Vesternet for £250 so works out at £25 a plug and they work well…

Just trying to think of more things I can automate now :slight_smile:



I’m not able to find suitable zigbee repeater what is:

  • cheap
  • repeating zigbee to xiaomi sensors
  • delivered to Finland
  • plug not type G
  • plug type F

Search from ebay, amazon… nothing expect Osram plug which seems to be bad choice.



Quick update for 2019:

At this point, the least expensive plug in both the US and the UK is the IKEA Tradfri zigbee plug. Just a simple on/off device, but works well with SmartThings, is a zigbee repeater, and even repeats well for the Xioami sensors. It will say it needs its gateway, but you can use the SmartThings hub instead. £9 in the UK, $9 in the US, similarly low priced in other markets.

It’s big and only has one socket, but as a zigbee repeater it’s a good inexpensive choice.

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(Mike) #63

Its not that big JD !! Comparing it to other zwave Uk plugs i think its actually middle ish, i have some greenwave zwave sockets and those bad boys are LARGE , wifi plug outlets are comparable to the Tradfri sockets for size
Most compact i have seen is actually the St plug

And i would recommend the tradfri for installation in areas that are hard to reach and or do not require power monitoring

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BTW, it is being sold at the IKEA stores in Finland, so I assume it has a local plug type but you can check. Here’s a post from one member who bought it there:

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I already purchased couple of z wave plugs which are working great. I could buy couple of those too just to test how they work. They are really cheap!!

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Also, as far as repeaters go, Z wave repeat only for Z wave and zigbee repeats only for zigbee. So your Z wave plugs will be good repeaters for your Z wave devices. But the Tradfri plugs are zigbee, so they will work as zigbee repeaters for your zigbee devices. So lots of people will use some of each. :sunglasses:


(Keni Barwick) #67

Has anyone seen a UK power strip that is SmartThings compatible?

I’ve seen this one;

that says it is SmartThings compataible, but comments say otherwise…


(Mark C) #68

its say it will be soon, its wifi so will be cloud, via a smart app and 3rd party site

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