Smart uk plug?

Hi there all
i want to get a couple of uk smart socket adapters, i have been looking aoround the web but they don’t tell you if they work with smartthings. the samsung one is £45.00. can anyone point me in the right direction.


There are already several threads on this topic in the U.K. section of the forum, so you might check there.

But the short answer right now is hands-down IKEA Tradfri. They have a simple on/off zigbee plug-in with one socket. It works well with smartthings, including as a repeater for the low-cost xioami devices. And at £9.95, it’s hard to do better.

The smart bulbs and the plug-in outlet work well with smartthings. The handheld buttons and remotes only have partial integration.

The product descriptions may say they require the IKEA gateway, but you can use the smartthings hub instead. :sunglasses:


Many thanks for your reply, i have just ordered one. i’m fairly new to a smart home ect. does this plug require a special device handler or if i remember right from the other things i have set up there is a zigbee outlet in a list somewhere?

Again many thanks

we will have this zwave uk plug at next month… currently,it has no stock now.

No custom handler, Although you may need to switch it to one of the generic zigbee on/off DTHs, i’m not sure how it pairs initially. But it will work with a stock handler and so can also run locally. :sunglasses:

@rumrunner424 has confirmed in another thread that it pairs as a “zigbee switch“ which should run just fine.

Delivered today and it works fab. i had to find something small enough to fit in the hole to set in pairing mode other than that a great product, worked first time. off to ikea this week to get a few more. there was one negative thing, the size of the box it came in, you could have fitted about 10 of these plugs in the box. anyway thanks for pointing out this plug


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I was told the Aurora AOne socket should be released in the next few weeks.

How expensive are they? I see they are now using the same home automation profile that smart things does, ZHA 1.2 , but I haven’t heard of anyone else using them so far.

CEF catalogue has them listed for £52.95