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Cheap U.K. smart plug/outlets? (Dec 2018)

(Harrison Hughes ) #1

Hi guys! I am looking for a cheap smart outlet that works with smartThings. I’m in the U.K. I have checked out IKEAs outlets but not currently in stock in my local store!

(Simon Tether) #2

I think IKEA are the cheapest ones. Delivery is only £3.95.

(Harrison Hughes ) #3

Ok thank you I’ll take another look


There may be cheap WiFi outlets that work with SmartThings via custom device handlers but otherwise IKEA look the cheapest by some distance. You can sometimes get the Salus SP600 on a good deal from specialist plumbing/heating places but the best I’ve managed is £15 and normally they are more in the twenties.

I’d not thought about home delivery for the IKEA outlets but at the moment the outlets aren’t available for home delivery for me.


IKEA are typically under £15 even with a delivery charge. Although they say the Tradfri Gateway is required, they will also work with the SmartThings hub instead.

As @orangebucket mentioned, the Salus are sometimes on sale for around £20.

Another good zigbee brand to look for is Osram. They’ve lowered prices since they were certified to work with the Echo Plus and now list at £20.50, but are often on sale for £15 at Amazon.

(Harrison Hughes ) #6

Same for me!

(Simon Tether) #7

I ordered 5 of these last week and they delivered them but now saying out of stock for my postcode, they must be selling them quick

(Harrison Hughes ) #8

Yes definitely! What are you using them for ?

(Simon Tether) #9

Christmas Lights !

(Harrison Hughes ) #10

Nice! Anything else


The IKEA outlets have been exactly what I needed, mostly as cheap Zigbee repeaters. Picked up three in-store last week and my motion and multi sensors have been far, far more stable. Very pleased :slight_smile:

(Harrison Hughes ) #12

Awesome!! Such a good price I just hope they come back into stock soon!

(Jon) #13

For anyone in Europe I got 2x Schukko socket Everspring sockets off eBay - they also do power monitoring. Cost me £15 incl delivery.

(Harrison Hughes ) #14

How did you set them up?

(Mike) #15

just removed 3 wifi sockets and replaced with Ikea Tradfri, couldnt wait to get rid of the damn wifi sockets
Tradfri has given me a much more robust mesh network, shame they dont do energy but for there cost they rock