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IKEA tradfri outlet

(M) #1

Hi, have anyone connected the new ikea tradfri outlet?

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(Davor Dooley) #2


I have bought it yesteday in my local Ikea in Zagreb, Croatia. Costs cca 10€
Added it without any problems with my V2 hub as generic device, and changed it to ZigBee Switch Power! Works fine, reporting power usage would be awesome if it could work.

(Kenneth Eriksen) #3

Would also be interesting to know if they act as a repeater…

(Gavin Melling) #4

Thanks for the update - I’ll be getting one as soon as they’re available in the UK (late October apparently)


Bought one in Finland. Just like was reported earlier, works fine after manually changing to a Zigbee Switch Power.

Can also confirm works as a repeater, which is the reason I bought this. Devices that were earlier not connecting at the farther ends of my house connected immediately after the outlet went online near them.

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(Ben Erkens ) #6

Does it show power consumption (watt)?


No, it does not - at least not with the builtin device handler. There is no mention of such functionality in the included minimal documentation either.

(Mike Guest) #8

Damn. There goes my key use case. Wanted to use these for power reporting on my washer and dryer so that I can have alerts that say the load is finished. :frowning:
Anyone tried using the built in 'Smartpower Outlet" device type? That’s what I’m using for the smartthings outlet, and that does report power usage (assuming that the metric is available)

(k.odenkirchen) #9

Hey Davor,

Can you tell me how you added the Ikea Tradfri outlet to the samsung hub (V2)?
I have one (last item in Groningen!!!) but iḿ struggling to get it to work.

best regards, Kees

(k.odenkirchen) #10

Can anyone (Jamu / Davor) tell me how i can add the outlet to ST?


best regards, Kees

(M) #11

you need to reset the outlet first. Press the reset button for 10 seconds.
Then search for new things. After that you change it to zigbee switch power.
Works great.

(k.odenkirchen) #12

Hi Oset,
Thnx for the reply. May be a stupid question: how do i reset the outlet???

(M) #13

You need to use a needle and press in to the small hole for 10 seconds. on the top or bottom of the outlet depending how you see it.

(k.odenkirchen) #14

Thnx! Just added the Ikea outlet!!! now i have to rename it to a zigbee outlet

(k.odenkirchen) #15

Everything works!!! Thanks !!!


Has anyone tried the bundled on/off button that is sold in the kit:

Can the button be used by it self to control other TRÅDFRI devices? Is it recognized in ST as a switch?


Newby question from my side, how to change it to a Zigbee Switch Power? Just rename it or is there another option?

(Robin) #18

Log into the online IDE.

Go to devices

Click on your device

Click edit

Change ‘type’ to the desired handler

Save / done

(David McNally) #19

I connected the button but it’s not recognised. I tried changing it to Zigbee Button etc. in the IDE but couldn’t get it to do anything. Hope a device handler shows up at some stage, the buttons are quite handy. :slight_smile:

(Ben Erkens ) #20

Hi @dmcn

Here a lookalike of the Ikea button?

Xiaomi Aqara Button AQ2

There is a DTH for.

Maybe it’s an option for you.

Grtn Ben