WeMo socket £21.99 now for the next 3 hours @ Amazon.co.uk

I have a few of these from the past and after last firmware update seems to work well. Bit bulky but useful at that price so just picked up another one.

You have to be a prime member to get access now to the deal, usually £29.99 reduced to £21.99

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Hi, new to Smartthings - are these easy to integrate and are the responsive?

yes there is a connect app and after latest firmware update to Belkin plug are repsonsive and reliable. This never used to be the case. Its not as responsive as zwave/zigbee etc as ts IP based however when i run routines it turns the socket off split second after the zwave devices so more than adequate. I use mine for a kitchen extractor fan and light as well as some fairy lights.

Excellent thanks, might get one since it seems fairly inexpensive.

Thanks for the heads up.

Bought and will be added to my setup.

Cheers !

Back on again for the next few hours

Thank you very much… good call


Hi larian, the WeMo switch turned up today…
I have got it working through the app okay

Could you just give some pointers as to how you got it working with ST

Thanks a lot


Just seen this, yes, its roughly the following if you haven’t already managed it:

  • Get it working in the Belkin app (you have done this)
  • In the IDE go to My Smart Apps > Install Smart App > From Template
  • From drop down choose SmartThings Labs category, click WeMo (Connect) > Create > Publish
  • From mobile app install new smart app > My apps
  • Open smart app and discovery takes place
  • Add devices

This is from memory but its basically the process

Yep, your memory serves you well… thank you very much

It’s all good

Not a bad switch for £22

Thanks again

Does the ST app report energy usage from these plugs?


Hi, no I don’t think it does…

I think there is another model that does