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Cheap Plugs? (UK) (zigbee or EU zwave)



Hi yannick, does that Z-wave plug also display power consumption in SmartThings?

Best regards

(Yannick) #50


Yes it’s showing voltage, power consumption and amperage.

(Zen) #51

I am using the zwave greenwave outlet and for such price it seems so far so good with community written device handler


Also got the Z-wave plugs from Gearbest. Works very great with the Dome On/Off device handler. Thank you yannick

(Claudioita) #53

How is the power consumption shown? Can you make a screenshot?

(Mike) #54

I use the power nodes as well, bit bulky in size but there hidden away so no issue

if you buy 10 they work out at £17 each

(Daniel) #55


How well is this behaving ?

Thank you.

(Stephen Hill) #56

This DTH that I created might be of some use to you who use the TKB TZ69E:

(Michael Waite) #57

Are you incorporating the EU plug into the UK sockets using euro plug adaptors? Or have I misunderstood your application?

(Phil Pugh) #58

I know this topic hasn’t been updated for 8 months but wondered what people are using currently? I have some greenwave powernodes that are great but no stock anywhere. it looks like the next best is the tkb tz68e which works well as i have a couple but are more expensive.

any others i should know about?

(Rui Soares) #59

I’m using the Salus SP600 they’re zigbee and very small.

They fit side by side on an extension cord.

Got them for 20£ each on ebay

(Phil Pugh) #60

These look good, thanks for the suggestion.

I have just ordered a 10 pack of TK68e from Vesternet for £250 so works out at £25 a plug and they work well…

Just trying to think of more things I can automate now :slight_smile:


I’m not able to find suitable zigbee repeater what is:

  • cheap
  • repeating zigbee to xiaomi sensors
  • delivered to Finland
  • plug not type G
  • plug type F

Search from ebay, amazon… nothing expect Osram plug which seems to be bad choice.


Quick update for 2019:

At this point, the least expensive plug in both the US and the UK is the IKEA Tradfri zigbee plug. Just a simple on/off device, but works well with SmartThings, is a zigbee repeater, and even repeats well for the Xioami sensors. It will say it needs its gateway, but you can use the SmartThings hub instead. £9 in the UK, $9 in the US, similarly low priced in other markets.

It’s big and only has one socket, but as a zigbee repeater it’s a good inexpensive choice.

(Mike) #63

Its not that big JD !! Comparing it to other zwave Uk plugs i think its actually middle ish, i have some greenwave zwave sockets and those bad boys are LARGE , wifi plug outlets are comparable to the Tradfri sockets for size
Most compact i have seen is actually the St plug

And i would recommend the tradfri for installation in areas that are hard to reach and or do not require power monitoring


BTW, it is being sold at the IKEA stores in Finland, so I assume it has a local plug type but you can check. Here’s a post from one member who bought it there:


I already purchased couple of z wave plugs which are working great. I could buy couple of those too just to test how they work. They are really cheap!!


Also, as far as repeaters go, Z wave repeat only for Z wave and zigbee repeats only for zigbee. So your Z wave plugs will be good repeaters for your Z wave devices. But the Tradfri plugs are zigbee, so they will work as zigbee repeaters for your zigbee devices. So lots of people will use some of each. :sunglasses:

(Keni Barwick) #67

Has anyone seen a UK power strip that is SmartThings compatible?

I’ve seen this one;

that says it is SmartThings compataible, but comments say otherwise…

(Mark C) #68

its say it will be soon, its wifi so will be cloud, via a smart app and 3rd party site