Can I use Life360 to trigger a change to a virtual presence sensor in ST?


So as most folks, I am having issues with using Life 360 as my presence sensor. I was gone for three days yet ST show I never left. I ended up setting up a virtual presence so I could manually set it to away. What I would like to know is what app can I use to set my life360 to change the virtual presence if life360 works… Thanks


I’m sure that’s very frustrating. I think most people find life 360 works very well for them. It has a very high rating in the app store, most people on the forum seem to like it.

but as always, “all home automation is local.” It doesn’t work for everyone. I’m sorry to hear it’s not working for you.

If life360 itself is not working (not just the smartthings integration) then I think it’s likely a cell tower issue. But I would start by talking to support for life360 and see what suggestions they have.

As far as using life 360 to change the home/away for your virtual presence sensor, that’s very easy as long as your virtual sensor has capability.switch. You just turn on that switch when the life 360 presence is home and turn it off when it’s away. You can use any routine or smart app that recognizes presence to do this.


What is really odd. Hubby and I have the exact same phone, on the same service. His presence showed gone while mine did not. Life360 the app both showed us in the correct location (2 hours away). So really odd. Since we have been back everything has been working normal again… sigh

As far as your discussion about a capability switch. I guess the ST choice for setting up a virtual presence does not. That is how I set it up, and no where can I find the ability to “trigger” it.


You’re right–The standard virtual presence device can’t be flipped on and off, I think it’s really just intended for IDE testing.

That’s why I suggested an alternative when we first discussed this a few days ago. Look near the end of the following post. :sunglasses:


You are the best. Ok. I removed the Simulated Presence device I had added, and used the code you recommended. Used RM to setup what I want and setup a text when it happens… so I can go look. Now, I need to go somewhere…LOL

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Expanding on this, maybe y’all can help me.

I use life360 very successfully.

Here is my scenario. (We have no welcome home type of automatons in use other than some lights coming on after certain hours, no doors)

My wife goes to the store. Before leaving she tells Alexa to turn on the gone grocery shopping switch. I have a rule setup that when her presence changes from away to present and that switch is on the garage door opens, an audible alerts sounds, and several other actions occur. All designed to get the attention of our teenage sons and have them meet her in the garage to bring in the groceries.

Now this only occurs when that switch is on.

In the life360 app we can be notified when a family member leaves a predetermined place. I also believe it can check them in when they arrive at predetermined place as well.

What I want is to skip her having to remember to turn on the switch before leaving, but for the system to know that she just left the grocery store and to perform the routine when she gets home a few minutes later.

Any and all suggestions are appreciated.

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And a follow up on my above posts.

I found a solution. IFTTT

this is honestly the first time I’ve been able to find a viable solution for the use of IFTTT.

Thanks for reading!