Can't get hold of support (UK)

Thanks @jody.albritton. I’ve just tagged yourself and Brad, as you were both active today on the forum.

Otherwise this COVID-19 misery makes the normal support issues even worse. Honestly, I don’t know why they don’t do chat support.

A few days ago I called LEGO’s support line to get some information regarding broken bricks. They are based in the UK, they are working from home, and the phone line is working. Indeed the lady told me, that the email response time is 10 days, but that is due to that she is the only Hungarian speaking support person now.

Why the UK SmartThings support cannot work the same way? - Just my thoughts…

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I totally agree and it really does shine a light on how certain companies are dealing with things. Fair enough if your contact centre has to close but live chat and calls can be done by home workers. Used to work in IT and set all our call centre agents up as home workers for redundancy.

Still nothing from my ticket raised so hoping someone somewhere can help

Can someone tell, how long first response from UK support will take these days?

I’m waiting from Aug 7th…

Just got automated response on 17 that they’ll close the ticket, if I do not reply to that email. I replied, nothing so far…

It took twelve days for my first and, so far, only response to arrive. That response was very nearly six weeks ago now.

I too have also had an automated mail in the name of a manager requesting I reply if I still have a query. I did. That was over two weeks ago.

This situation is far beyond unacceptable. I can’t do any automations, can’t use Home Monitor, my devices got mixed up between 2 locations. And just because Smartthings is rushing up app switch…

Tagging @blake.arnold.

Maybe someone should look at the UK support. Does that thing even exist? And what’s about Germany?

Or SmartThings is going to become an only US service in the near future?

Spookily, I got a response from support a short while ago, but it hasn’t really moved things forward. It has basically been:

Me: My hub hasn’t updated. I’ve tried everything.
(12 days later)
ST: I see your hub hasn’t updated. Can you confirm your account address (they had it) so I can look at your account.
Me: Confirm email and note that ST staff have already diagnosed it as needing attention their end but I don’t know if said attention has actually been initiated.
(41 days later)
ST: I’ve tried pushing the firmware. If that hasn’t worked please let me know so I can get it looked at.
Me: It hasn’t.

That is a perfectly reasonable sequence if the turnaround is measured in minutes. It is measured in days though.

Fortunately it isn’t a critical problem, just one that I can’t deal with myself.

C’mon, @Brad_ST told you ages ago, that you have hit with your Hub a bug, that caused it can’t update. Support will not be ever able to handle an issue like that. Hahaha…

Yes it is all a bit ridiculous. It is something that could be sorted in minutes on a phone or chat, but in the UK we have neither at the moment. Unfortunately every time a formality needs to be dealt with - like giving my phone model, OS and app version which seems totally irrelevant - it seems it takes six weeks at the moment.


Just to play fair …

Fiona, who was the last support person on my timeline, has actually got back to me a few times since. She has linked up with Brad and it is more clearly established (for me) that there is still a need for a bug fix before my hub will update. That’s OK, it just feels nicely tied up with a bow now, which is what I needed. Fiona has been able to deliver the support experience I hoped for.


I am after my welcome code as well after a house move. Seems to be a general problem not getting response from, which is not a great show. Any advice? @SamsungZell

Hey there! @Praj, Welcome to the Community! :slight_smile: I’m sorry to hear that you’re having trouble with response times. The correct email is:

As far as what is needed to proceed with your request, be sure to send a picture of the bottom of your Hub clearly displaying the serial number and request a welcome code reset.

I wanted to provide anyone who is having this issue with another support channel to reach out to UK support team.

You can contact UK support directly at 0333 0000333

I hope this message finds you well!


I’ve not seen that address before. The UK support address is and it is pretty much that or nothing. Contacting support through the app as you’ll see described on this forum simply doesn’t work, chat is disabled, and the telephone number is a distant memory.

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For a piece of software that is in built to millions of phones worldwide Inc UK you would expect a little more

Firstly, its absolutely brilliant to be in this forum with everyone trying to help each other. Sometimes it challenges the very existence of a product support.

I got it resolved after I refused to hang up the phone with Samsung technical team(Not smartthings support!). So this is what I had to go through to get the welcome code. May help someone in the future.

Step 1: Call this number. Its smartthings support in the US. 18007267864. Prefix two Zero’s if you are calling from the UK. 0018007267864.
Step 2: Describe the problem to the automated system and it will connect to an agent.
Step 3: The agent will send you a mail on your mail ID when you request the welcome code and you will have to reply to the mail with a picture of the HUB showing the serial number.
Step 4: They will reply to the mail with the welcome code. That’s it all worked! It took less than 2 mins to complete the entire process.

The mail ID for support reference is SmartThings Support

Thank again. @SamsungZell @fido


@orangebucket - Sorry typed it wrong. It was indeed the correct address that I mailed in. Annoying new users can only mention two people!