Smartthings UK response time? Welcome code

Hi I bought a 2015/v2 hub 2nd hand it’s been factory reset but when I’m trying to set it up with the app its asking for a welcome code. I have spoke to the person I bought it from and they don’t have the code and I’ve checked under the battery cover but its not there unfortunately.

I emailed smartthings support two/three days ago as I believe there is no phone number for them now but I’m still waiting for a response, I’ve heard nothing since? I sent them a picture of the serial number on the bottom of the hub. Can anyone tell me roughly how long the response wait is or if there is a way around it?

I’ve seen other people have had this problem too but to be honest I thought I would of had a reply by now.

Thanks and any help is appreciated.

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I responded to the support ticket. :slight_smile:

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Thanks Brad that worked and I’m up and running. Very much appreciated