Rookie Question—I Got a new phone, but now I can’t see any devices in the app

I recently got a new phone (lost the old one) and I downloaded the Smartthings app thinking I could simply login and manage all of my devices but nothing is there. So I thought it would simply adding the hub using the code back to the app and that would fix the issue but seems the code has expired or is not working for some reason.

To my question, how do I fix this? I tried logging in online and though the SmartThings Groovy IDE site I can see all of my stuff but cannot add my Google home or my new light switches. To get connected on my phone do I need to reset my hub, deleting all of the device so the setup code under the battery dept will work of is there another option.


No, do not reset your hub. Simply log into the ST Classic App as a “New User” (using your existing credentials) and then make sure you have the correct LOCATION selected in the Classic App to be able to see all of your devices and automations.


AWESOME that worked! Thank you!

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